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Latest updates

Sunday August 22nd 2015

Technology is phenomenal in the latest training plane models. Between the "SAFE" , "Wize" and "AS3X technologies, it becomes really easier to learn how to fly. We just bought for our 9 years old a HobbyZone Sport Cub S BNF with SAFEŽ Technology. highly recommended to start. Why?

  • Each plane battery costs $5

  • Safe Technology enables gradual learning and build confidence in early students

  • Charging batteries is done via USB, so you can bring to the flying flied a USB charger with 2 ports, and fly hours. It takes about 25 min to recharge the battery

  • The plane small and light but safe technology balances this out to provide an easy flight

  • You can always get full control back, when needed

  • It is CHEAP for what you get. For $99 (without the Transmiter) and $129 (with a basic transmitter), this is pretty much the best price you could get to start in the hobby

  • the plane is Ready To Fly. Nothing needs to be done if you purchase the complete package. If you get the BNF one, you will simply need to bind your Radio with the plane receiver (if you radio is a Spektrum one)

Enough said, watch a video here!


Other planes we are preparing to learn with:

Flyzone Sensei RxR Multiplex FunCub Multiplex EasyStar II



Sunday August 15nd 2015

Tried different radios. The Turnigy 9X, FlySky 6, Spektrum DX5e, DX6 and DX9. Spektrum are clearly more expensive, but you get what you pay for! The 9X Turnigy is not mature yet, you can "workaround" if you like to, and the price is low but I found it a pain to program and use. The FlySky software is a sibling of the Turnigy one. Again, cheap and not too friendly. Spektrum Radios are world class. Easy to use, easy to understand, clear menus, no need for workarounds but... expensive. Which one is good for you? If you can afford the Spektrum, absolutely the way to go from these 5 options. Always buy a Radio that you need for your today's uses but also that can support what you plan or hope to fly in the next 2 years. The wireless Trainer function of the Spektrum are a blast to use. Again, super easy to setup and very intuitive which is what you need as you do not want to carry a manual with you each time you go to fly...





Sunday July 26th 2015!!!!

Coming back from underground, after 3 kids... With the oldest one reaching the flying age. We'll start with RC flying before he learns to fly real planes!







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