Year 2002    


28th December 2002

27th December 2002 - Day at the Club


18th December 2002

17th December 2002

13th December 2002



10th December 2002

7th December 2002




6th December 2002

  • New Videos

    • Megatech Skyliner

    • Caleb

    • Home made plane (powerful and nice)

    • Multiplex Vicky

  • Aerial Photography, with the MovieStar and Aiptek MiniPen CAM 1.3 Mp


29th November 2002

  • Creation of the Arenas Section

    • Will contain an agglomeration of data, pictures, videos, customizations, recommended by other R/C hobbyist, per subject or some special topics, united in 1 section


21st November 2002

  • Off-Topic NEW Section

    • Will contain interesting, but not directly related topics to R/C Watch the videos ! worth the download 

17th November 2002

  • Progress on the Tests for the Diablotin Mini

    • Still missing proper Prop but progress made.


  • Preparation of the Pico Jet Combat with Kontronik 400-23 and 7x3 Prop, for week-end test flight



21th september 2002

  • Optima, Gigolo and Zagi on the Slope: 2 planes down, one in the water, the other on the cliff. See Videos

  • First video made from flying TwinJet, On-Board camera. See Video


2nd of August 2002

Major Contest


World Best Electric
Flying Wing Foamy

  • Zagi

  • ElectraJet

  • TwinJet

  • MiniStarJet

  • Pico Jet Combat

  • mirage 2000-5

  • Toro 300 

are from this very special party. Only 1 will make it.


13th April 2002

  • Creation of Electron