2003 Updates    

31st of December 2003 - Unicorn Review on-line

Rene Wallace wrote a review on his Unicorn. Rene spend a good time to prepare this delta wing, the best possible, and the results were so far, up to his invested time. Click here for the review



29th of December 2003 - FMA Copilot review starts - Actually, it SAVED my helicopter already today, on its 1st test, from a sure crash.....

Imagine a device, which would be able to control 2 axis, and as soon as you would put the stick to neutral, a plane or helicopter would return immediately to stable horizontal flight. So if you loose sight, or feeling where the plane/heli is going, just leave the stick, and everything will be just fine....

This device exists, and is called the FMA CoPilot.

3 tests will be performed with this Copilot:

  1. On the Corona Helicopter 
    I was just in the middle of the test flight, when the tail servo had serious problems and the helicopter started to behave in an unexpected way. I lost good sight of it, and control, so I just put the right stick to neutral and landed using the throttle only stick. 

    Purely AMAZING ! Really. I started the review but what happened to me today says it all.
    Video of the test, just before this happened. It is easy to see how fast and precise, the CoPilot takes control, when you need it.

  2. Delta wing plane
    Either will be tested on a Zagi or a Twinjet or both. Will see

  3. Rudder/Elevator only plane.
    Multiplex MovieStar seems like a good candidate for this and maybe as well a glider.


This Review will cover:

  • Shipping box

  • Setting it up Phase. Easy/Hard ? Time to do it ? Manual quality ?

  • Impact on the general flights ? Calibrations ? Does it take time, each time you fly, to set it up

  • Is it worth the cost ?

  • Videos for the 3 tests done to actually see it in effect


27th of December 2003 - Motor Gliders competition in Arsuf local club

24th of December 2003 - Berg provides an analyzes of Single Conversion Recievers Vs. Dual conversion Receivers

19th of December 2003 - Mulitplex Royal EVO Tutorial

James Drulia (Joedy)  has made an extensive work on how to use this radio. From concrete examples to graphs, this tutorial is a must to read for anyone who owns this radio, and for anyone who wants to understand more why many people think that this radio is almost the ultimate in the computer radio arena.

Another extensive thread which is not a tutorial but more a FAQ area on this radio can be found here

12th of December 2003


10th of December 2003 - NEW FMS planes from Multiplex


5th of December 2003 - Back from Vacation and ready to start the reviews

Trick 1000 just arrived today, Copilot few days ago. The Corona needs some little thing to be fixed before starting the review. Should arrive any day now.


21st of October 2003 - Coming Reviews

  • Trick 1000: Did you ever dream of learning E3D, but woke up in a nightmare, as you broke so many planes trying to master this ? Well, this nightmare maybe over. The Trick 1000 is designed for E3D, BUT is made of EPP. Meaning endless repairs, with just some little EPOXY 5 minutes. Soon to come and reviewed using AXI motor and Phoenix ESC BEC

  • FMA - Copilot: Device that can save you lot's of $$ and frustration. It controls Pitch and Roll, can be fitted in a regular plane with Rudder/Elevator, or an Elevon plane or an Helicopter. In this review, we will test 2 helicopters, at the same time, one with the FMA-CoPilot, one without.

  • Multiplex latest jewel: The Royal EVO 12 channels, with Frequency Synthetizer. This Radio, pretty new in the US market, already hit Europe for many months and shows pretty unique advanced features.

    • Easy to learn

    • Easy to program

    • Extremely powerful

    • Light and very well build and structured, for very long hours of week-end flying

    • Much more to come within the coming review

The EVO Look&Feel is a little revolution by itself

  • One of the most famous Electric beginner's helicopter: The Corona 120. With fixed pitch rotor, building the Corona is already an unique experience by itself. Discovering the technology behind it, the mechanics engaged to make this work is really entering a special world. Now, flying an helicopter is more complicated than flying a plane, let's see how this will go. As part of this review, we will compare 2 setups, and within these 2, one will fly with the FMA-Copilot, the other without.


4th of October 2003 - Building the Cri-Cri

This is a Scale model from the Cri-Cri from JR.

See below, from the JR web site:


30th of September 2003 - Partenavia Day

25th of September 2003 - Partenavia night flight with 14 lights video


19th of September 2003 - Electric Diablotin

18th of September 2003 - Slope Day: The Unicorn and The TwinSpeedy




3rd of September 2003 - Tracker II Review given up

  • Due to the mixer functions of the Tracker II, not being implemented fully in the radio, the radio is not practical at this point, and on some cases, not even usable. Manufacturer is looking into fixing these and should provide solutions for all issues in the next radio they will sell. 


30th of August 2003

  • TwinSpeedy got a face lift. After 35 flights of about 8 minutes each, the TwinSpeedy changed status from new plane to confirmed FUN plane, and therefore got some more attention on the look. Here is the new TwinSpeedy



26th of August 2003 - Tracker II Radio just arrived

  • Tracker II User Manual - Online (1.6 Mb - PDF)

  • Hitec Eclipse 7 User Manual - Online (3.4 Mb - PDF)

  • Review and comments coming after will be used for sometimes

  • Review, side by side comparisons between radios. Starting with Eclipse 7 Vs. Tracker II

    • Initial phase - Test specifications

    • 1- 1st Draft

    • 2 - Mixers (Under tests now)

      • Flaperons

      • Elevons

      • Vtails

      • Others and mixing of mixers


24th of August 2003

Juergen Heilig Pictures on the Ikarus TurnOn (now sold as Aero-naut TwinSpeedy)

17th of August 2003

15th of August 2003 - Aero-naut TwinSpeedy Flight tests

This plane used to be made from IKARUS, and was called "TurnOn". It is now sold by Aero-naut, and is called TwinSpeedy. See Review for details on the config, and videos to see how it behaves, using 8 or 6 cells.

Let's see how the size compares to a Bandit:



27th of July 2003 - Accord Rock & Roll video of initial flight. Pilot: Shay Kuglevitz


23rd of July 2003 - New Twinjet added to the Twinjet Arena, from Nick Furmage (New Zealand)


18th of July 2003 - Evening Flight with Curtek Light System installed in Partenavia

  • Video: It works really well. The angle you can see the lights is still limited but excellent easy to install system with a good price tag. Very well engineered !!! For more info from the Manufacturer, follow this link



5th of July 2003 - Glider's day

Scorpio Palio Sport first flight


2nd of July 2003

Added motor possible combinations, for the MonoJet


27th of June 2003

  • Twinjet customized to become MONO-JET. Equipped with Kontronik brushless Drive 501


  • Scorpio Aquila II Test flight


21th of June 2003


  • Movie-Star equipped with small smoking system - The right one already was gone, by the time the left one started... It burns for about 4 minutes



6th of June 2003

  • Twinjet with bomb mechanism ready to go - See Video

  • RCM Pelikan Bonnie - Video


5th of June 2003 - Partenavia tested with Gyro - See Video here

This is the Wingo Gyro (read doc here), supposed to maintain the bank angle of the plane, at any time. Actually, it does reduce the plane's sharp reactions, but does not disable completely its tendency to turn or not, due to external factors.

This Gyro controls the 2 ailerons servos, and just counters the balance of the plane, when felt. Other Gyro could feel the angle with the horizon and bring planes back to it, this Gyro does not, it only tries to keep the last desired angle of the plane, and is active mainly when the stick is neutral.

The Gyro did  not do anything major, just seems to prevent sharp moves, but from what I saw today, not worth it. Still, The Partenavia had a fun day :)


31th of May 2003 - Twinjet/Skycat Day - And the winner is.....

30th of May 2003

Mini StarJet Video - Take-off, some stunts, then test on stalling and crash


Skycat Video
- AXI  motor flight with hand launch

20th of May 2003 - Back from Ireland - See pictures here

  • JR 62 Cri-Cri


coming soon, both with Review, photos and videos.

2nd of May 2003

1st of May 2003

Vacation in Ireland: I'll see you soon when back from South Ireland with some beautiful pictures and ideas for slope soaring.... :)

24th  April 2003

  • Henke Torphammar Diablotin Mini

    • Review

    • Video of his Diablotin Mini, hovering over water. Very nice to see !

23th  April 2003

Photo created by Ecky Schaub

23th  April 2003

  • Partenavia Crashed (Pictures), after few nice flights, due to the Pilot... but is already repaired :) Repaired with Polyurethane Foam bomb


Right after the Crash

Back home: "Epoxy and Foam bomb" time

Several hours after the crash: Here comes the New Partenavia

The foam started to grow, from inside the cockpit, and after few minutes, went out as you can see... Amazing product and very useful ! It seems that it expends about 3 times, and while expending, goes into all the possible holes and exits. Then, it becomes very strong, so you can cut it as wished.

22th  April 2003

Web host is closing suddenly in 1 week from now, and just informed all customers of this, today..... so Electron is looking for a new home. Hope it will happen soon. Sorry for any issue that may rise during this period.

19th  April 2003

  • Bandit Video added: First time we can actually see a Bandit, as it is a difficult plane to video (too fast...). It is a "Best of" of all the stunts made during 1 flight

  • Robbe Spitfire Video: This plane is a flying rock. For this flight, the plane was like a wild horse, doing whatever it wanted, and having this "Sharp left turn" coming randomly... Ended up with broken tail and another bad flight on its record.... BAD PLANE !!! Well, anyway it is not sold anymore...

  • TwinStar video: Remember this person who crashed his TwinStar, 2 weeks ago (see the video of it here), this is now his flight, and you will see the huge progress. Very sedate flights but good flights ! The TwinStar is definitively a winner plane

18th  April 2003

Motor: AXI 4218 on 22 cells 2400 mAmp, 
Prop: 14x6
WingSpan: 1.93 m (76 inches) and 1800 Sq in
Weight: 6.1 Kg (13.45 Pound)

Kavan Partenavia First Flight



The plane sits on its tail, even with the battery in, and the CG correct. See Review for details

13th  April 2003

Picture of the real, but the Kavan is gorgious too. Soon to come.

29th  March 2003

22th  March 2003 - Slope day with Mirage 2000 EPP & Zagi.


15th  March 2003

  • Aerial Pictures from Movie-Star of the local aero club


14th  March 2003

  • The Skycat Patrol is fully grounded. 2nd Skycat crashed in wheat field - See Video of the crash

    • Luckily, the wheat field saved the plane, just by few meters, and only the prop is broken...


  • Movie-Star customized. Servos on the tail, 2 x Permax 480 with 5.5x4.3 Prop - See Video

8th  March 2003


7th  March 2003

  • 1 Twinjet down. Crash against the wall of a building: See video


1st  March 2003: 4 take-offs, 3 landings & 1 Crash: Videos

  • The Skycats: It started so nice.... 


Then, after 4 flights, while everything was going so well....  Some vital parts left the plane in the middle of the flight....

1. Plane making the end of the roll, slightly inverted. Still everything ok 2. Cockpit spotted going off - 
Emergency landing !
3. Plane comes back immediately for landing, without cockpit 4. Suddenly, battery gets ejected - Plane looses all controls

5. All is falling 6. Last picture, before crash, behind the hill 7. Ejected battery, found, and broken in 2 parts 8. And the crash site.......

See full Video of the Crash

  • And the Vermont Belle 1300, on landing, and with no battery left, landed in an area with some sticks going out of the ground.... Left wing got one. Result: Wing and propeller broken.


28th February 2003

  • SkyCat Patrol ready: One with AXI brushless, the other with Kontronik 501 brushlessmotor


27th February 2003

Equipped with GPS, Wireless Camera


21st February 2003

  • EPP Mirage 2000 under construction




16th February 2003 -

10th January 2003

4th January 2003


See also Flight Sheet





Special Events !

Balloon Party 
Ball Trap Party

Using helium balloon as mice and the "Cats" are our Twinjets (4 of them)

3 games planned

#1: Cat & mouse: MovieStar/Twinstar pulls a balloon that others need to touch, coming from behind. Each time touched, 5 Pts.
The MovieStar/TwinStar can do any maneuver he likes. No need for helium inflated balloon for this one.

TESTED and  it FAILED: Twinjet could not get to the balloon

#2: Static: Balloons attached to a poll, to hit.
4 balloons. 0.5m, 2m, 4m, 8 m from the poll
1 Pt per hit (may target to make them explode on this one, with starting from the top in must be done in order)

#3: Ball Trap: TJ takes off, then 5 seconds after, free 1 balloon. The plane needs to make it explode before it gets away.

Attach a needle in the front to do this.
Variation possible:
- Have few planes in the air, whoever makes the balloon explodes first is the winner


GPS installed inside a Twinjet
Full Story

Course recorded


GPS Maximum Speed Measured
244 km/h (151.6 miles/h)

       Click on the pictures for more