Year 2005 Updates



18th of November 2005 - Some News

Some comments from Fritz:
I have two Magisters now. One as said with the LA46 (12x6). The other with an AXI2820/10 (12x8) running with 18 (3S6P) LiIon former notebook 18650 cells.
Both have the same towing performance (!) which also is surprising. The electric one is good for 5-6 2 min tows up 150..200m per charge.

The glider btw. was controlled by my 10 years old sun (!). As children are - always impatient - just following was too boring, so he was playing with the glider by "beckoning down" a bit during the flight with the ailerons...


  • Latest inputs into the TwinStar 2 Gallery from Giampiero Ranieri and James Mohan



1st of November 2005 - TwinStar II taking off from the Water - New Pictures


9th of September 2005 - TwinStar II Gallery

Will be adding in this section, all inputs on how TwinStar II owners designed their planes, providing new comers with some ideas.

And many more to come.


8th of September 2005 - Review of the Multiplex EasyGlider


20th of August 2005 - Review of the EagleTree System Data Flight recorder

As part of the coming review of the EagleTree Wireless Seagull system, this current review covers the Flight Data Recorder, which is comparable to a real plane black box. The main difference is with a real plane black box, is that you would usually use it, when you don't crash your plane... :) and just want to enjoy having the opportunity to review what happened during the flight, or, send the data, live, to the Seagull system

A big entry into the 21st High Tech century



These 2 amazing pieces of hardware will be put under tests during the next few days.

The Flight Data Recorder is installed in the plane and records all the data anyone can think of, while the Seagull, as an option, can not only display, in real time, this data, but also trigger audible alarms that can tell you if you are too slow, too fast, going down to fast, if your battery is running low, etc... More details, videos and pictures to follow.

Link to manufacturer

Coming review of the wireless receiver Seagull system



As in many other tests, the Multiplex EasyGlider is used as easy to manipulate and safe to fly. This initial test is done to see how the system behaves in general.




12th of August 2005 - Rene testing his new Snappy HLX


Video of Several flights at the club



12th of August 2005 - Multiplex TwinStar II Review done

Review: Click here

Videos done:

Pictures: Click here



11th of August 2005 - Israeli Made sport Plane, the F3D Flash

FLASH F 3D Can You Fly? Produced by Lightning& Air

Wing span 1260mm Length 1005mm
Weight 1150-1350gr Profil symetrical 10%
Motor AXI2820/10-2826/10 ESC JES 40
Battery 10cells NI-MH-Ni-CAD 4\5C -
LI-POLY 3/4S 4000maH 10C
Flying Type F3A-3D


08th of August 2005 - Updated Review, incorporating The Multiplex TwinStar II...

Which plane to recommend as a 1st plane


1st place



2nd Mountain Models Magpie 3rd Multiplex TwinStar II
4th Multiplex EasyGlider 5th Multiplex MovieStar



05th of August 2005 - A very busy day at the Club and around...

Videos made:



29th of July 2005 - The ZZTop Unicorn are back


26th of July 2005 - World Models Piper Cub Test Flight presented by NOA AIRlines

If you like scale look and scale flight, this plane could really be your next one. Ido Lempert just performed its test flight last week-end. Don't expect full aerobatics on the 1st flight. but still a real pleasure to watch.

NOA AIR is made from Ido's girl child name. Pretty nice name for a plane that with a name like that, should survive anything, even the big flood :)


22nd of July 2005 - Day at the club

  • Video of the 2 planes below

Kavan "Projeti"

The World Models "Piper Cub"



18th of July 2005 - Video of planes who flew during the Bersheva gathering

Israeli Made Trainer

Conversion of FK Extra 300S (Manufacturer)


17th of July 2005 - Which plane to recommend as a 1st plane: Mountain Models Magpie Added


The Mountain Models Magpie makes a strong entrance, putting everyone down 1 step, apart from the EasyStar who again saved his 1st position.


1st place



2nd Mountain Models Magpie 3rd Multiplex EasyGlider
4th Multiplex MovieStar 5th Hobbico SuperStar EP


June 2005

Rank Plane Name

Multiplex EasyStar


Multiplex EasyGlider


Multiplex MovieStar (New)


Hobbico Superstar EP


Multiplex TwinStar




May 2005

Rank Plane Name

Multiplex EasyStar


Multiplex MovieStar (New)


Hobbico Superstar EP


Multiplex TwinStar


Multiplex SpaceScooter


February 2005

Rank Plane Name

Multiplex EasyStar


Hobbico Superstar EP


Multiplex TwinStar


Multiplex SpaceScooter


GWS SlowStick



15th of July 2005 - Recommended item for flying safe: a Frequency Scanner

Tower Hobbies sells this great device, which coupled with an extra antenna can scan continuously the 72 band and detect whoever is using a channel. More info here. This will help to ensure that when you open your radio, you won't crash someone else's plane as well as checking if the channel  you want to use is free.


9th of July 2005 - Foamtana video

Made of Foam, this is a good alternative for whoever likes the funtana, but prefers to practice, before taking the balsa one in the air



7th of July 2005 - Javelin 2 videos


28th of June 2005 - Multiplex Magister Towing the Windrider EasyGlider


Multiplex Magister Towing the Windrider EasyGlider


27th of June 2005 - Windrider EasyGlider Review

The EasyGlider represents 2 different planes. One made by Multiplex, and the other by Windrider. This review is about the one made by Windrider. The plane was supposed to enter the competition for "Most Recommended 1st plane" but since it came without the motor, it can't enter this competition but still can undergo a complete review.

Rene Wallage did the building and review of this EPP plane.

Next will be to try to tow this plane, with the Mulitplex Magister.


23rd of June 2005 - JETI new ESC Programmer and ESC on the Tests

Electronic Speed Controllers were improving
very much in the last few years, with good
choices of features, quality and prices.

Among the top few companies who create
TOP Quality Speed Controllers, JETI comes
with years of experience and innovation.
This time, JETI rocks this little world with
a New ESC Programmer, easy to use and
carry, combined with a new set of ESC.

Can this new line, move JETI from 2nd
to 1st place (See the last ESC comparison
Table) ?


20th of June 2005 - New Section Created "RC Electric Flying History"

This new section started with an open question on the Ezone, and many Ezoners provided so much interesting information that it makes sense to share it in an organized manner. Lot's of innovative and creative people, since about 50 years, contributed to what is Electric RC Flying today. This section is for the pleasure to learn about this part of history, as well as a special recognition to them, for their efforts.



7th of June 2005 - Story of a beginner, with his first plane, on his 1st day flying

Just visited my family and my brother got his 1st RC plane. Of course, What is the trainer to start with...

He followed the basic training, then did some FMS, and then  flew his EasyStar.

He did loops, rolls, inverted, low passes and perfect landings.... I was speechless, never saw anyone not crashing on his 1st day, and his first plane and certainly not doing the type of flight he did...

Gives another round of credits to the EasyStar but I have to say he also killed me, the way he flew the plane, like a pro. I was telling him what to do/not do but I think he really did not need me as it all came natural to him...

Just AMAZING !!! I remember myself, and how many planes I crashed for such a long time


1th of June 2005 - Back from France


26 of April 2005 - What happens when a traditional modeler gets into building a home made foamy ?

Read the full Article written by Francesco Mele on this work of art


22nd of April 2005 - New Twinjet in flight - Video taken on how fast it can roll

17th of April 2005 - World models "FUN WORLD EP" - VIDEO CREATED

This plane comes ARF, with a very reasonable price. Review to come


13th of April 2005 - Electron's 3rd birthday page

  • Includes the best of, for the period 2004 - 2005


10th of April 2005 - Multiplex Models painting from Ralph Dietrich


26th of March 2005 - One of the best Twinjet Video from Henke Torphammar



25th of March 2005 - Week-End Videos




18th of March 2005 -



12th of March 2005 - Funtana Video


7th of March 2005 - Twinjet #3 - Ready

  • Kontronik TwinDrive Setup

  • 5.5x4.3 props

  • 3S2P 5.2A Lipoly


6th of March 2005 - Coming Review: Flight Data Recorder


Who never dreamed to have a black box installed in our flying machines, in order to record, and later graphically display events that happen during the flight. Could be used for plain fun, as it is but for whoever wants to either teach students and show them where they can improve, or someone who actually want to improve his flying capabilities, this seems to be the answer and it goes far beyond this, adding G-Force captures, Altitude, and many more. Review of this item will show how far this goes and how well and precise.

Would you want later on to be able to even see, live, some of this data? EagleTree Systems also provides this device, called the Wireless DashBoard



5th of March 2005 - Combat Air Model P-51 Review and Video



27th of February 2005 - Israel Annual ARAVA Air Show Video Clip (only Thermic)

After it starts, zoom 200% for a better view


23rd of February 2005 -            MEGA Review

What Plane to recommend as a 1st Plane



16th of February 2005 - Multiplex TwinStar with customized Landing Gear

How many times was asked, how to build a proper landing gear setup on this old timer, and still highly successful plane. Bill Glover build a very smart design which he documented in the following review.
You will also get, within this review, some ideas on how to add lights.


14th of February 2005 - JETI new ESC Programmer and ESC on the Tests

Electronic Speed Controllers were improving
very much in the last few years, with good
choices of features, quality and prices.

Among the top few companies who create
TOP Quality Speed Controllers, JETI comes
with years of experience and innovation.
This time, JETI rocks this little world with
a New ESC Programmer, easy to use and
carry, combined with a new set of ESC.

Will this new line, move JETI from 2nd
to 1st place (See our last ESC Review) ?

Let's see with the coming review


13th of February 2005 - "Hobbico SuperStar EP" Review Online

The Box says "Fly in 20 minutes"

This plane was recommended to me, in order to add it to the coming "Recommended plane as a 1st plane" Article. Just got it, will be able to add it to the comparison table as well as doing its review.




4th of February 2005 - Pre Take-off Checklist done

This checklist was build in coordination with Ezoners, and worldwide contributions from Electric RC planes flyers. It is intended to provide a short list, with reminders on the critical few items to think about and check, before any take-off.
3 different sizes and 2 different shapes are done, in order to fit in the back of most Radio/Transmitters around while the bigger ones could be glued on some external hard paper or charts.

It was left in a Microsoft Word format as moving it to PDF or GIF decreased the quality when printed. Also, anyone can then customize it if needed, to it's own need.

 Hope this will save
1 or 2 planes around.


2nd of February 2005 - 3 beautiful videos with OnBoard Video Cameras

  • Manufacturer: World Models
  • Wingspan: 1430 mm
  • All-up weight: 2,700 KG

  • Wing area: 34.0 sq dm
  • Motor: JETI 30/3
  • Prop: 10/6
  • Battery: 3s3p 6000 mah kokam pack
  • Controler : jeti advanced 70 opto


Note: The actual plane does not look like this picture exactly


24th of January 2005 - How to reduce plane crashes ?

2 Ezone Threads were just started on this topic.

The 1st thread will provide like the most TOP 5, common reasons, and we will try to write some articles to help as much as possible, prevent these

For the 2nd thread, a Check List will be build, in some little time, just the time to gather as much feedback as possible on the Ezone, as what experienced people think on this. Then, this checklist will be build as a PDF and JPG files, for anyone to download and tape, behind their radio.

Hopefully, this will save few planes around.


22th of January 2005 - Robbe Eolo Pro Stunt Video

Tal Cohen promised us a stunt video of his Robbe Eolo Pro last week, so here it comes.


20th of January 2005 - Combat Air Model P-51 Slope Soarer almost ready

Only need to find a way to balance the CG, then a good windy day and go !
Plane weights, right now, 780gr. It needs a LOT of weight in the front, to balance the CG.


18th of January 2005 - Video: Multiplex EasyStar Touches and Go


16th of January 2005

Helicopter Videos:


14th of January 2005

Nice day in the field, were able to take the 3 videos below