Purchasing a first plane is quite a big event. Many of us, when we started, wanted this great stunt corsair, that we saw in this fun TV series, or a JET, something that will rock the sky. Well, if you got unlucky and bought it without having any advice, you may end up indeed with a very sporty plane, that looks gorgeous, has even a lot of power but that will most certainly end up completely broken, with a very bad feeling for you,  coming from the frustration of not being able to fly like "what the others did" and the waste of the money in all the broken parts.

This extreme case should not hide the fact that many other people did consult on the choice for the initial plane, and a bad set of events, or even a bad advise ended up in maybe less money wasted, after the plane crashed and broke, but still a dead end for the person who just quit the hobby, as fast as he entered it, due to the same type of frustration.

So, this article is here to try to help new comers, on his first journey in the RC Electric Planes Hobby as to choose a suitable plane, that should provide the highest chances for a successful entry into the hobby as well as providing enough areas to learn, in order to be successful when purchasing THE second plane. It is intended for someone who will learn SOLO, flying outdoor.