Q: I disagree with you, my plane is rated last, and I can assure you that it is the best !
A: It is difficult to say "BEST" or "WORSE" regarding most of anything. The plane rated according to the scale and criteria applied in this comparison and we believe it is fair and balanced. Said that, if you prefer a certain plane for your own reasons, it is perfectly fine.

Q: How can you mix ailerons with no ailerons planes ?
A: Because the fact is that many beginners start either way and both have people thinking it is their way the best one. We did not want to choose on this and decided to throw in the ranking machinery, all candidates which beginners use.

Q: Why I don't see my plane in the list ?
A: Because we had to select a maximum amount of planes for this review, and we chose the most commonly used 1st planes. Said that, we will extend this review to new planes, in the future

Q: Are you saying that if I select the 1st plane on your list, I won't be disappointed ?
A: No !, we are ranking in this comparison, planes according to criteria that matters to most people. Fact is that everyone is different and you might find for yourself that the criteria selected are not important to you, meaning then that the ranking is not applicable for you.

Q: I would like to add some comments on your review, as I think you missed a point, how can I do it ?
A: Please, Email Bernard@... or Patrick@....

Q: Is the plane at the end of the list, not to buy ?
A: All planes in this list are very successful, so even the one ranked less good are not bad choices, they are just less good than the one ranked better.

Q: What do you mean by "plane looks good", how do you judge this ? And I disagree with your rating there
A: We used our common sense here, and feedback from others on Forum. But beauty is very highly subjective indeed.

Q: Why is the list not including many other planes ?
A: Because we first wanted to establish the methodology, and ensure it is clear, easy to read, practical and Scalable. This done, we will now include new planes, step by step.

Q: So you would not recommend the plane which rated the worse on your list ?
A: Not that simple to say. It also depends on your personal preferences. Is anyone flying with you ? Is it the most used plane at your club, etc.. But in general, it is correct that the ranking indicates which planes we recommend most, as a 1st plane

Q: Are you saying the planes not ranked well are bad ?
A: Absolutely not. Some planes ranked low, could be actually the best ones, as a second plane. And furthermore, we did not see in this test, bad planes, just planes better than the others, as a 1st plane.

Q: Do you have any special interest in this review, table ? Any partnership with companies ?
A: No, we just did it for the purpose of helping new comers not to be disappointed, when starting in the hobby. Also, we don't have any special partnership with any company. All our data is independently written and has no marketing interest. We also hope that this will provide a good ground for manufacturer to improve their new coming planes, looking at why another manufacturer is having a better plane. Competition is the best for improving the quality. So everyone wins. Manufacturers who can see what to improve, and buyers who will get better planes.

Q: What about the planes which look like the one you presented, like Wingo/Soarstar, just the Soarstar is cheaper, so why not testing it instead ?
A: if we can include other planes, we will. Just we did not have it for this review. Would it be better, maybe, maybe not. Saying it is cheaper, is just one criteria, and maybe others would be worse ?

And of course, before anyone asks, this article reflects Bernard and I's opinion but anyone is free to follow the advises in it, or not.