The TwinJet is 

the Winner

General observations

The figures indicate that the best electric foamy is the Multiplex Twin-Jet (74 %). More analyses show some elements likely to balance this victory.
The biggest observable variation between the planes is 20%. There are therefore not very big differences between them. Also, the variation between the 4 first ones is only 7 %. This says that the Twin-Jet wins this comparative not from much. Finaly, no plane score below 50% (there is no bad one). An important point is that none obtains 100%, meaning there is still hope to make progress in the model aircraft making.


The quality of manufacture and assembly

The quality of the planes is good in general. All the notes in the Kit category are above the average and the variations are very small. Multiplex places its two planes at the top of the classification for the quality of its parts. The manufacturers insist on aspect ARTF of their products. It is true, that all is being made for a fast and simple assembly. The palm for the fast assembly returns to the Mini Star Jet, certainly best ARTF of all.


Esthetics and realism of flight

It is the most subjective part obviously. Difficult to speak about realism of flight for a wing. We took into account the quality of the stickers of decoration. This level let us announce that the planes of small size are penalized (Mirage and Electrajet).


Flight Performances

It is the most important category in term of distributed points. It is also the most debatable. To change the motorization and you obtain another behavior. At all events, the Mini Star Jet leaves at the head of this category. Its engine 480 does not explain all. It has, on certain aspects, of indisputable qualities (trajectory, precision, speed). Twin-jet is good everywhere and Zagi (stability) are very close.


Flight autonomy

The flight autonomy is very disparate. It depends especially on the battery used. More you embark of Amp, more you fly for a long time. This involves two note: 
- Piloting is degraded and the performance feels some. Only the Twin-Jet is able to fly with all the range of the accumulators of working (7 cells N800AR with 8 cells 3000HV!). This is remarkable. 
- Certain wings cannot be centered any more correctly when one changes accumulator (MSJ)


Solidity and longevity

The results present important variations in this category. Multiplex places again 2 of its planes in the top, thanks to it's Elapor (Twin-Jet and Pico Jet Combat). As for the EPP, it makes an amazing job with the Zagi.


Level of satisfaction

The notes reward the piloting pleasure, the fun all considered. It was noted that the plane who got the best score was the one the most homogeneous.


To finish we would like to insist on a particular point. The notes obtained in performances (speed, smoothness.) are such as none of these plane can be recommended neither to the beginners, nor as a first plane. As a second plane, the choice is already more open. Some reached high scores, which make them, considering their price, rather good deals. 
If we would play the virtual idea of throwing them all out to repurchase only the best in their category. Three would be enough: the Twinjet, the Mini Star Jet and the Zagi.
These three machines gather all qualities and are probably the best in their category. To buy one of the other plane would only make double employment without adding anything major.


Pluses and Minuses

Planes TwinJet MSJ ElectraJet Pico Jet Combat Mirage 2000-5 Zagi Toro 300
Positive .Versatility
.Fun to Fly
.Easy to repair
.Easy to fly
.Good looking
.Easy to carry
.Easy to build
.Easy to Repair
.Complete kit when bought
.Easy to build
.Easy to carry
.Easy to build
.Easy to fly
.Easy to repair
.Crash proof
.Easy to pilot .fun & stunt
.Small aera needed 
Negative .1 big piece plane
.Hand-Launch a bit difficult when you first learn
.Limited in battery size
.Distance Prop-Ground
.Too light
.Too Expensive
.Lack versatility
.Terrible noise
.Flying not too precise
.Too small
.Too nervous
.Lack versatility
.Motor noise
.Size, carrying
.1 big piece wing
.Simple Design
.Engine sound
.Not stable
Rank 75% 72% 62% 68% 55% 71% 66%

Ranks, per section

Latest Update: Monday, 20 June 2005