Bernard Chevalier


Patrick Plawner


Who is the Best Flying Wing around ?



In model aircraft making, we see little differences between Delta wings and flying wings (that facilitates certain comparisons!). We will use these similarities to propose an exceptional match to you. The ultimate goal is to find the supreme title for The best flying wing, electric foamy ! 

The competitors are:

-Twin-jet (Multiplex) 
-Mini Star Jet (Graupner) 
-Electrajet (E-Flite) 
-PicoJet (Multiplex) 
-Zagi (Trick) 
-Toro300 and Star Jet (very soon) 

For this purpose, we will be following the below agenda:

  1. Goals

  2. Plane's Presentations

  3. Challengers characteristics

  4. Methodology

  5. Limitations

  6. Table of Results

  7. Definition Explanations

  8. FAQ

  9. Conclusions

Zagi by Trick (The reference), Star Jet & Twin-Jet, challengers for the supreme title of Best Electric Foamy!


1 - Goals

The offer as regards to electric foamies increases considerably. Inevitably, a question comes: which one to choose? The planes available have very different characteristics. Logic would like that comparisons would relate to the same categories (mono engine, twin-engine, delta or wing, motor 300, 400 or 480...). In reality, such a test presents only little interest. Indeed, who will buy a wing of each category? What we want to know is which one corresponds the best to our requirements. Better even, which is the overall best? For this purpose, we decided to carry out a Mega comparison on the web by calling upon you. 

2 - Plane Presentation

The different tests will be done on the following planes:

  • EPP wing mono-motor 300 geared: The Toro 300

  • Foam Delta Wing , 2 arrows, mono-motor 380 geared: The Electrajet

  • EPP Delta wing, mono-motor 400 direct: The Mirage 2000-5

  • Elapor, Delta wing, bi-motor 400 direct, 2 arrows: The TwinJet

  • EPP wing, mono-motor 400 direct, reference in its category: The Zagi

  • Elapor Delta wing, mono-motor 400 direct: The Pico Jet Combat

  • Polystyrene molded wing, mono-motor 480: The Mini STAR JET

Mirage 2000-5 & Mini Star Jet are ready to leave up to the challenge!


The challengers have different characteristics by their motorizations (300, 380, 400, 480), the presence or not of a gear box and their design (wings, delta, mixed). Common points are however notable. The manufacturers retained similar principles:

  • The "pusher": a back engine makes it possible to centre the masses (controller, engine and battery) for more handiness. It is also economic in term of connections and simpler to go up. The absence of propeller in the front allows important crashes without expensive damage. Generally the plane can fly again after a crash (reliability and solidity).

  • The elevon: The same control surfaces ensure direction and depth. Two servos are enough to direct the plane effectively. That allows savings of mass and budget. The complexity of the plane is reduced and the assembly is simplified. 

For purely aesthetic reasons (taking into account of our behaviors?) all the models present their servos installed on the lower part of the wing. To ensure their protection the landing, logic would like the opposite. 

Pico Jet Combat, Electra Jet & Toro also join the party! 


3 - Design features of the Challengers

The evaluation relates to the planes in standard conditions (or nearest). The table below recapitulates the principal characteristics of the planes tested. You will find all the details (assembly, adjustments, tests...) on Electron or Bungymania.

Plane Configuration summaries 

Planes Twinjet Mini 
Star Jet
Pico Jet
Price 98 55 119 86 86 85 73
Wingspan 910mm
Weight 1060g
Receiver R700 R700 Hitec 555 Hitec 555 Hitec 555 Hitec 555 Micro 5
Motor 2x400 Direct 480 L+dir 380 Geared 480 Direct 400 Direct 400 Direct 300 Geared
Propeller 5.5x4.3 5.5x4.3 8x4 5.5x4.3 5.5x4.3 5.5x4.3 NA
ESC NES 500 Rondo SUN 1000 SUN 1000 Jeti 110 SUN 1000 NES 180
Servo 2xHS85 2xHS85 2xHS55 2xHS55 2xHS55 2xHS81 2xHS55
Battery 8xCP1700 8xCP1300 8xKR600 8xN800AR 8xN600AE 8xKR1700 8x1000
Flight Time 7 to 8 mn 8 to 10 mn 3 to 5 mn 5 to 8 mn 3 to 4 mn 4 to 7 mn NA

Origins of the data: Bungymania & Electron

4 - Methodology

To carry out such tests, Electron joined with the French site: "BungyMania", managed by Bernard Chevalier. Bernard has an extensive knowledge in Electric Flying and all sorts of planes which was an asset to this report.
From a methodological point of view, we proceeded in the following way:

  • Establishment of a grid of analysis, gathering 43 items notation, in 7 categories.

  • The influence of each category is balanced to push more the aircraft handling qualities (more than 50% of the points). The other criteria are not neglected. A good plane can become annoying if its assembly on the ground is complex. The complexity of transport can also intervene in the frequency of use of the plane and eventually damages. 

So that this comparisons (carried out jointly) is representative, one needed a common measuring unit: the Twin-Jet. This plane is general-purpose, powerful and very widespread. It can thus be used as standard for the other planes. We will also call upon others pilots to refine the notation of each plane. The grid of evaluation will be accessible on the web from BungyMania.

5 - Limitations

  • It is the first time such a table is build by us, so it is probable that all the notes are not perfect. Time and the feedback will refine these values.

  • We tested these planes in their basic configuration. It is important to note that many planes, with other motors, props, batteries would provide different results

  • The intension of this test is to help to differentiate better the models. There is no intension to propose an absolute rating indication of reality and each individual should be able to have a different opinion, on a specific criteria,

  • In a same order of idea, the indications suggested in this review are strictly personal and engage only Bungymania and Electron. Any person wanting to buy a kit, will have to develop his own opinion from this, reviews, forums, etc...

6 - Table of results

7 - Definitions explanations

8 - FAQ

9 - Conclusion

And.... Best Flying Wing around is....