Question Answer
Why did you choose only these planes ? Twin-jet and Zagi are the current references of their category, Zagi appears in world top 5. The others ensure diversity in the size, weight and motorization.
Are you related to any business ? or do you have any personal interests in the results ? Absolutely not! These planes are our personal machines with which we fly daily and that we know very well. Moreover there is no publicity on Bungymania nor on Electron.
How to send you remarks on your results ? You can contact Electron or Bungymania by Email. An answer will be send back to you shortly.
I have myself a different flying wing, how can I take part in your tests researches ? Bungymania will soon propose a web page, to collect your notes and appreciations. 
Where can I buy the planes presented ? Many on-line R/C shops propose these planes. Bungymania and Electron have commercial links, where you will certainly find them as well.
Which customized setup is the best, for each plane, and why ? In general, the higher versions offer better performances. We advise you, 
- For the Twin-Jet: 2 Permax 480 with battery 10xCP1300 or 10xCP1700 or even going brushless, which will be more expensive but extremely fun !
For more details, you could consult the Ezone forum
My measured flight times are different from yours, why ? The tests were carried out under conditions of sport, i.e. with never more than 50% of flight full throttle. The plane condition, the weather, adjustments and certain local conditions can explain many differences.