RCM Pelikan’s Filip 600 Sport



Building Level

Flying Level

Review 29-Jul-2004 Rene Wallage Video Available Follow the link
Motor AXI 2820/10 Servos 4 x GWS PICO
Speed Controller Jeti 40 with BEC disabled Batteries Panasonic 8 x 2200 NiCd for the motor
Generic 4x1900 NiMh for the Rx. 
Channels 4: Rudder/Elevator (V-tail), Ailerons, Throttle.  Controlled by a Futaba T6XAs Tx and Futaba R126F Rx Flight Time Anywhere from 18 minutes and up, depending on the thermal/slope lift condition, and the condition of your bladder
Propeller Graupner CAM folder 12x6.  Can be increased to a 12x8 Gear Box N/A


Wingspan 78.75"
200 cm
Length 42.52"
108 cm
Empty weight  oz
All Up weight 63 oz
1800  gr
Wing Area 512 sq.inch
35.6 dm
Wing load 15 oz/sq.ft
49 gr/dm²
CG location
from wing edge


Building Some prior experience and knowledge of gliders needed.  The instruction booklet leaves quite a bit to the builders’ imagination.  Overall a joy to build.  All components fit properly, provided you think well in advance.

Hold it high, nose in the wind, full throttle, toss gently, and away she goes.

Flight behavior

Tame as a kitten, or wild as a tiger.  Very much point-and-go. Thermals very well.  She makes me look like I know what I’m doing!  Huge, huge loops, but to make the rolls axial a fair amount of up elevator is needed in the inverted stage.  Stalls are straight, and I have not succeeded to put her in a spin (V-tail), not even when stalling in a tight turn.  All that happens is, the nose goes down, you pick up speed, and pull up (if you have the room…).

Landing Spoilerons are a must.  She will float forever, at less then walking speed.  Especially if you forget to dial the flaps back in before final.
Crash Results

I hope I will never need to find out.

Repairing See crash result… Although with the polyester fuselage, and foam core-balsa covered-Oracover coated wings, repairs should not be too much of a problem.
Other comments The motor can take easily a 10 cell pack, but I’m not ready yet to fly a rocket
A great allrounder.  I love to hear the “whoosh” of a low pass, and love to see her high up.  The yellow and blue colors of mine stand out great against the sky.
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Basic Tests Video

Test # Test Name Done
1.1 Take-Off  
1.2 Climb rate  
1.3 Glide, with motor off  
1.4 Slow speed  
1.5 High Speed  
1.6 Plane banked stall  
1.7 Plane Flat stall  
1.8 Landing  

Aerobatics Simple Tests Videos

Test # Test Name Done
2.1 Rolls  
2.2 Loops  
2.3 Inverted Flight  
2.4 Snap Roll  
2.5 4 Points Roll  
2.6 Hammer Head  

X: Test remaining to be done
Y: Test Done and successful
Y-: Test Done but not successful

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