Robbe FO 141 Gnat

Review 19-Apr-2003 Omri Sirkis Video Take-off, flying and landing
Motor Pletenberg 200-20-6 motor Servos 2 Sanwa SX-091
Speed Controller   Batteries 10 x CP1300
Channels 3 channels (tailerons) Flight Time 4 to 5 mn
Propeller EDF wemotek minifan 480  Gear Box  


Wingspan   length   weight  
Wing Area   Wing load   CG location
from wing edge


  • The foam surface is covered with 50 gr. fiberglass and red pigmented epoxy
  • Control is by elevons coupled to ailerons. (one servo on each side moving the elevator and aileron to the same direction (Tailerons)). This was building in order to have better aerodynamic inside the plane, as no wire passes inside.
  • Also built a nozzle into the rear part of the duct with an outlet dia. of 58 mm. weight is 1 kg.
Take-off Bungy is helping with this setup. Never tried direct hand launch.
Flight behavior Clean, smooth and fast.
Landing Fast Landing, also due to the Tailerons + heavy wing loading
Crash Results  
Other comments Good flyer but took many hors to build. one may save time by covering it with solar film or just painting
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