Brushless Speed Controllers Comparison
update from April 2005


During our last review. Castle Creations won 1st place and JETI/HAKCER 2nd. This was done in January 2005. Let's now update this article, with the latest hardware available.


JETI put on the market the JETI ADVANCED Plus series with a new programmer while Castle Creations proposed a software update to their line of Brushless ESC

CatleCreations Phoenix 35


ESC JETI Advanced 40 Plus





What a good idea to build a programmer, with everything written on it, so you don't have to remember all the parameters, or carry with you all the user manuals each time you go to the field.

Let's see if this device delivers well and his advantages and disadvantages



  • Compact: size

  • Very clear and easy to use

  • Can't make a mistake when programming

  • Offers the flexibility to modify the program of the ESC, on the field, easily


  • Fragile, if not protected, the external parts could be bended easily

  • Would like to have more options for the motor setup

    • 3 timing options instead of 2

    • Possibility to reverse the motor, by programming

    • Frequency adjustment

    • Should be sold with a protective box.

    • If you don't bring this programmer with you, you can't program many options from the ESC.




ESC Tested Castle Creations JETI Advanced Plus
User Programmable Features  
  • Low-voltage cutoff - 4V, 5V, 6V, 7.2V, 9V, 12V
  • Over-current Protection - 5 settings
  • Brake Type - 5 settings
  • Throttle Range - fixed/self-adjusting/governor
  • Timing Advance - 3 choices
  • Cutoff Type - hard or soft
  • Switching Frequency - 3 choices
The Programming Card for all the Advance PLUS controllers
1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 1/16" card with jumper connectors programs all of the Advance PLUS controllers in 6 different ways:



  • Accept Nicads or NiMh or Lithium cells;
  • Set a High or Low motor cutoff voltage;
  • Set a Hard cutoff or a gradual slowdown;
  • Set Brake or No Brake;
  • Set Timing for Regular Brushless motors or for Outrunner motors;
  • Set Throttle response either Linear or Logarithmic.

If you do NOT use the Program Card, then the Advance PLUS Controllers can only be programmed as the Jeti Advance Controllers were: Brake On or Off, Hard (Outrunner) Timing or Soft timing.


Standard features  
  • Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC): eliminates receiver battery
  • Safe "Power On"
  • Low torque "Soft Start": protects gear boxes and belt drives from shock
  • Simple setup: no complicated switches or wiring
  • Tough surface mount construction
  • Smooth reverse exponential throttle
  • Audible Arming Signal
  • Self-calibrating endpoints: maximizes usable stick travel
  • Auto Motor cut-off with reset
  • Auto shut-down when signal is lost
  • Microprocessor Controlled

See the Phoenix-35 User Manual (PDF) for more details.

  • Very smooth throttle response
  • Better operation with OUTRUNNER motors than the Castle creation one (tested on AXI 2820/10)
  • Automatic motor cutoff with automatic detection of the number and the type of battery cells
  • Safety cutoff when using Lithium batteries that prevents accidental destruction of the Lithium battery due to over discharge
  • High frequency brake with non linear hard or limited braking action
  • Automatic self-calibrating when you turn on your transmitter
  • Automatic motor cutoff when battery voltage is low
    8 kHz switching rate.


  • Large set of parameters which you can modify
  • ESC upgradeable via PC USB or Manually, using the TX
  • Excellent customer services
  • Ezone Representation
  • Can easily be used on Boats, Helicopters, cars, or planes
  • Extremely smooth control of All motors, including the Out runner ones
  • Medium amount of parameters which can be modified
  • Excellent Customer Services
  • On/Off switch
  • Problems on Out runners Motors, on Startup
  • No On/Off switch
  • No Ezone Representation
  • The Hardware programmer could be hurt, if not protected
  • If need to upgrade, then need to send back the ESC back to the seller/Manufacturer



Summary Table between the 2 TOP ESC BEC: JETI and Castle Creations

The New JETI ESC and Programmer do add a significant progress in the line of their ESC. Also, it is important to note that JETI is still the better one, when it comes to controlling motor and keeping it smooth. On the other hand, Castle Creations offers more flexibility, and ease of programming.

Now, what to choose ?

Unless you need the specific ability of the Castle Creations, then JETI showed more easiness in controlling most motors.

Tests just showed that the JETI controller works smoother that the Castle Creations when it comes to controlling different motors, including the AXI. JETI never failed me during tests while Castle Creations did. It is also VERY simple to program via the Hardware programmer (just please, sell a box to carry it)

BUT !!:

Be aware of the following:

  • ONLY Castle Creations (CC) Offers the flexibility of upgrading the software, of the ESC, via a PC. This is a positive point for CC BUT, some people would object to this that companies do this feature, when they sell products, which are not perfect, and they assume they will need updates, to cover future discovered Bugs.
    On the other hand, and as an example, it was very handy to have this feature when the lipoly upgrade came to the market.

  • ONLY CC provides so much variety in the programming functions. Jeti arguments the following:

    • Technically it is not problem to wide possibility for 3 timings but all has to be simple for customer as Advance controllers are for everybody

    • Frequency change – 99% of brushless motors are „iron“ type, it means 8 kHz is enough. Set higher frequency it generates more heat and more interference

  • JETI does not allow the full modifications of the ESC Parameters, if you don't have the Hardware programmer.

As a Fact, and personal experience, it happened to me and few friends, to have deffective CC ESC, even sometime, during a flight, which was NOT fun, while never heard anyone complaining about a JETI Bug, or malfunction around. Of course, this is a matter of statistics, but it is a fact.

So it is really difficult to choose. Personally now, if I don't need the special features of the CC, I would go for the JETI as my experience showed them more reliable so far, and more compatible with the AXI motors tested.


1st Place Shared 

JETI Advanced 40 Plus

Castle Creation 
Phoenix 45


Both deliver Excellent value, and the pluses and minuses of each other make them difficult to separate. Especially well done to JETI from getting 1 rank up, in the race !

To make it very simple, I would say that JETI showed more reliability while CC showed more versatility in programming options.

Latest Update: Monday, 20 June 2005