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Multiplex Magister


Review by JG Tremont:
Location: France 

  • Twister motorization 19 ' new name twister 4

  • Accumulators: Lipo Irate 2200 3S2P (4400mAh) and Irate 1800 in 3S2P with wind:helice APC E 10x7

  • Maximum consumption 30A 

  • Average autonomy 15 minutes and 12 minutes with little wind APC 10x6 consumption and autonomy in test 

Comments: Easy assembly in two days, modified in order to have 1 servo per half wing, and used the GWS 19 gr. instead of the standard format, two standards for the rudder and for the elevator. 
Motorization Twister 19, Irate 3S2P 2200 and 1800. Pack fits perfectly.

Plane weights 1820 grams in this configuration (using Epoxy) and his wingload is approximately 40 gr./dm˛. Several tests of propellers were made and it is finally the 10x7 which will be used because there is much wind in Brittany this week.
Stock setting configuration for servos, it flies already very well and provides a feeling of lightness which is new to me as I was used to glow planes with almost 3 kilos… very sensitive to the thermics, I was able to remain 21 minutes in the air! If no thermics, then between 10 and 15 mn of autonomy. When you push the throttle, it accelerates well, and all the basic stunt-flying should pass, but the wing remains very flexible, I clearly saw them folding on a resource too steep, a reinforcement should take care of this.

After few battery packs, we added 15 gr. in the tail to have an inverted pleasant flight. It flies with half throttle like a trainer, the approach is easy and it is enough, to flare at the very last moment. Really surprising for a polystyrene plane! JiGe

Motor data: