Mirage 2000

Review 19-Apr-2003 Patrick Plawner Video Several Videos
Motor 400 direct Servos 2 x HS55
Speed Controller Jeti 110 Batteries 8 x 600mAmp
Channels 2 (elevon) + motors Flight Time 3 minutes
Propeller Gunther 5.5x4.5 Gear Box  


Wingspan   length   weight  
Wing Area   Wing load   CG location
from wing edge


Building Extremely easy. Good manual. Just few parts to assemble
Take-off Small plane so sensitive to bad hand launch, but fine
Flight behavior Fast, small and nervous. Can be out of sight very fast. Needs constant throttle to fly. Doesn't glide. 
Landing Easy, but not slow
Crash Results Broke the nose once. It is not a very strong foam but because it is a small plane, it is not easy to break as there is not much to break
Repairing Foam... so Epoxy
Other comments Nice. If you like small and fast, this is for you with a low price. It you prefer stable and easy to fly, maybe not a first choice.
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