Review 19-Apr-2003 Patrick Plawner Videos Take-off, landing, and crash
Motor 2 x Permax 480 Servos 3 x HS81
Speed Controller BEC 35 Amp Batteries 8-10 x CP1700
Channels 3(2 ailerons + 1 Elevator) + Motor Flight Time Don't know yet
Propeller 7x3 Gear Box Not used


Wingspan   length   weight  
Wing Area   Wing load   CG location
from wing edge


Building Fairly easy. Just 1 page Plan, but clear enough. You need extra 4 screws, to link the motors the the metal holder. Any Glue would work, but Epoxy seems the most suitable. This plane comes ARF. The only tricky part is to build a holder for the Elevator's servo, and find a way to properly attach the bottom that closes the battery compartment. Made of Fiberglass, except for the wings (Balsa), Painting can be done with anything.  Need to put some protection where the plane touches the ground, to protect the fiberglass. Good and strong tape will do it
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Take-off Very easy. much easier than the TwinJet, for a reference. Just throw it, with a little up angle, full speed and done. Not even any need for wind
Flight behavior Very stable, fast. I didn't push it yet for any stunt, more than a regular loop. Did it perfectly well, and clean. With motors off, it glides gently, smoothly, making a very nice and small wind sound. When cutting the motor, it always made the sound of a pump, you would just release air from, very nice but I have no clue where it comes from. If not enough speed, stalled a little, but the shape and some motors makes it take back normal flight, on the spot
Landing Did 2 landings so far, so no trend to speak about. Because it glides so well, I should have used the flaps on landing, next time. Note that the shaft of the Permax 480 bended today, as the propeller touches the ground on landing. Just changed the motor.
Crash Results One crash so far. Both motor shaft bend, Fuselage broken in few places, servos out of place. Crashed happened due to lost of surface lift, then spinning.
Repairing Fiberglass is not the most famous material for repairs. Change motor easily, as screws hold them. Epoxy + scotch will do the rest.
Other comments Great looking plane on the ground, even better in the sky. I loved my TwinJet, I think this might be competing with it. The "Scale" look like makes it looks really nice, when flying. Can't wait for the next flight, where I'll put more amplitudes on the ailerons.
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