Multiplex MovieStar
By Per Tidemann

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While I was writing my first review on the Multiplex Movie-Star, I did not find this plane amazing, using the standard setup provided with the plane, and was even a little disappointed, which I shared on the review. 
Per read it, and took it to the next level. Installing a Brushless setup into this plane, and modifying few details. 
First time I received Per's Email, he did not fly it yet, and I was thinking how interesting it would be to have a second opinion, from someone like Per, as you will read that Per is not someone who does things, half way......

Per then send me several Emails, with his findings, proving step by step, that the Movie-Star can not only be a good plane, but can do things that not many other planes could.

Here are some of Per's findings, and pictures on the Movie-Star. I was really impressed and I am sure you will too.

Enjoy !
Patrick Plawner.


19 February 2003

I have been hunting for a good platform for video and GPS guiding and Moviestar was my choice after I lost my SunnyBoy when the wing suddenly broke in flight.

Servos: 2 x 6 gram servos in the tail. It looks very fine and rudder and elevator are rock steady.
Motor: 2 x Hacker brushless BL20-15, 2.33:1 gear and 8x4 or maybe 9x4. 
Battery: 3000mah.Nimh. 7cell.
Weight: fly ready without camera is 1283gram

First Flight
Takeoff from ground was good. Stability very good. Climb easy, and level flight at about 35% throttle. It was airborne for 12 minutes, not because the battery was empty, but this mornings temp is -12C and my fingers are so cold. Heavy bird, I am not sure. 
Speed was ok not too fast, need a lot of elevator, and it is possible to push a lot of elevator to reduce the speed.


Second Flight
Now you can talk about heavy! total weight 1976gram:
With GPS, overlaycard,3x1650mah LiIon, rear mounted camera, heavy TX and front mounted camera with tilt. 

Had to hand launch because of snow. Climbing was good, and handling superb, more stable. 
First landing with motor off. Dive to get speed and pull a little bit before touching the ground. 

Flight time was only 10 minutes, cold battery and -1.5C. 
Also the load is heavier , we talk about payload in the 700gram area!. 
This plane is excellent for heavy camera load. 


Flight, with on board GPS
Here you have the statistic from the GPS after today's flight with MS:

Distance 6.09km Max speed 62.5km/h
Average  speed 25,7km/h Flight time 12minutes 42 seconds

Still have some stripes/and noise on the front cam, I try to figured out.

Video Specifications
The video equipment are:
Front cam    Hires CCD 480lines resolution    *
Rear cam     Med  CCD 380lines resolution
Overlaycard STV-GPS  - take NMEA strings from GPS and put it on the top of picture
Homemade rc switch   - relay to switch between the 2 cameras
Transmitter - 50mw 1 audio channel 2,4ghz  **
Antenna airborne - 1/4 wave ground plane
Ground receiver 2,4 Ghz
Antenna - 12 element vertical home made yagi mounted on a bicycle helmet.

*  Think this camera have some defect now, it's color balance is out of spec. I am looking to find a new hires camera.

** Will change the transmitter when I got spare parts and then it will be 500mw output.
     Range should be approx 5 km free sight with the yagi antenna on the receiver.

Remember that using this high power video transmitter require a license, otherwise 10mw is more or less legal in most countries. 10 mw with good antennas is normally enough for good video reception for app.300m.range.Place your plane
300m.away and see how small it is!

I have a Sony Cybershoot 3 mega pixel camera, I will try to make some kind of bracket for this camera. I will not use the hole in the bottom, don't like it. Side view with a little down tilting and cut a hole in the cockpit for clear
Also this camera has video out and I will use that to see where I am pointing.
When I use the still camera will I remove the CCD cameras to save weight.
If weather are bad, the time is good to do this.


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