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2 beautiful CAM models P51, sloping: Video Link

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Flying Level

Review  11-Mar-2005 Patrick Plawner Video Available
Motor None Servos 3 x GWS PArk
Speed Controller None Batteries 4x600 Nicd
Channels 3 Flight Time Until winds not strong enough or Sun goes away
Propeller None Gear Box None


Photo taken from Combat Air Model Website



Building Let's first say that I don't like to build planes. Here, the fuselage comes not shaped and it takes a lot of time, at least to me, to give it a nice shape. Sanding EPP is not fun!

When you are done with the shaping, comes the work to remove, in the wings, the EPP in order for the servos and ailerons to be installed. This part is no big deal but I wished it was already done.
You need to build yourself the part to have the elevator move, which is another pain. Why not selling it with the package?
The Horns are out of proportion so you need to cut sections of them.

Then comes another pain section of the building. Painting it or covering it. You must do it as the plane comes with plain white EPP. Some people are talented and did amazing work on covering, and painting which makes the plane really look gorgeous. A friend of mine, who likes doing it and is good at it, did it (Thanks Shachar !!), and indeed, I really think the plane now looks gorgeous.

Not yet over... Now, you need to cover it with tape, to make it stronger for Combat and more resistant on landings, as well as protecting the painting. If you use the provided tape, it will be extremely strong, but it will cover all the nice painting job done to make it look grayish. Not nice and pretty sad after all the work. I used some Packing Tape, more transparent, and still protective enough. Said that, the EPP is extremely strong, and should resist to most impacts. Could it be left out without the tape? Maybe, but I think the EPP would get hurt on each landing + Combat can be really harmful, with some other planes so I personally would recommend to tape it.

Almost done. Just glue all the parts together, add the battery, receiver, and add weight in the nose, to balance the CG. Then cover the nose with the EXTRA Strong tape to protect it and that's it. I went to a place which fixes car tires as they have this very small yet heavy weights, which they give you for free, as they accumulate a lot of them.

This is the least ARF plane I had, among all the ARF planes I build. It got a 3/5 on the building level as the covering talent required is not small, and sanding it also takes some patience and precision. Just wish the Manufacturer would sell a pre-shaped version and maybe options to purchase proper decalc.

Take-off With proper wind, a piece of cake. Penetrates the wind very well
Flight behavior Excellent. I could not find any bad behavior, apart that without wind, this is not a glider...
Aileron's reaction are good, but this is not a plane that will roll at high rate due to the overall shape of the P51. The F5 will certainly roll faster.

In Combat, this plane has lot's of advantages. Heavy, fast, strong, precise, responsive. This is a beast of Slope Air Combat but still requires some good experience in flying, as any slope soarer. This is why it got a 3/5 on the Flying Level.

This plane is the absolute BEST slope soarer I flew. I can't stress enough how much fun it is to fly it. I loved every minute of it and again, EPP here does great. Just perfect match.

Landing When you come back for landing, and if in an area with no wind, keep some good down angle to maintain airspeed, as if not, the plane may land not too elegantly.
Crash Results EPP, very strong covering, makes this plane one of the strongest, for such shape, around.
Repairing EPP, so 5 mn epoxy works fine but it must take special abuse to hurt it, as so strong.
Other comments This plane is to me like climbing a steep mountain during a rainfall. I honestly really did not like the building part, but once done, and you reach the top of the mountain, clear sky, sun, this plane is a dream come true plane for slope. This is a gorgeous plane, which has excellent characteristics for slope combat.

Transporting it may be challenging, if your car is not big enough. Think that this is a 1 piece plane. The Wing does not separate from the fuselage.

This plane, with pre-made fuselage, all given parts to build it and decalc, would be a total winner. At this stage, I consider it very difficult to judge. Mixed between the huge pain of the building phase and the amazing behavior as a slope warrior.

It has to be noted that most people who bought this plane, did not complain in any way, about the building phase, and just did it, as part of the fun. So to be fair, I feel pretty much in the minority here, and it is possible that most people don't have a problem at all with it. So up to you to decide here.

Important point: Bruno, the owner of CAM, is a very nice person to communicate with. Very responsive on inquiries, very balanced and serious. A real pleasure to deal with and it does make a difference !

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