Scorpio Palio Sport

Review 8-Aug-2003 Patrick Plawner Video Available Coming soon
Motor AXI 2820/10 Servos 2 x HS-81 (ailerons) & 2 x HS300
Speed Controller Jeti ESC BEC 70 Amp Batteries 8 cells from CP1700 to 8 cell NiMH 3000-HV
Channels 4 + motor Flight Time  
Propeller 12x9 (30 Amp & 210 Watts) Gear Box None


Wingspan 88"
220 cm
Length 45"
113 cm
Empty weight   Max flying weight 63.85 oz
1810 gr
Wing Area 698 sq.inch
45 dm
Wing load 13.18 oz/sq.ft
40.22 gr/dm
CG location
from wing edge
7.5 cm


Building Take between 8-15 hours for someone with limited experience in building. 3 Documents came with the plane
  • The User Manual is very clear, but in Italian
  • Translation of the above, in English
  • Clear map shows all the parts, where they go, in 3D.

I followed the instruction, almost to the letter, just added the 2 wing edges, at the end, to be comfortable. Some time spend on cutting the front to install the motor, as it comes as a Glider version. I also hope that the firewall will hold, with the AXI motor vibrations.

Take-off Very easy. Just push the plane, with it's wingspan, and the motor full speed, it climbs straight and clean
Flight behavior First trimming was really tricky for me. No surprise in flight. Tried to push the speed and the wing did not like it, heavy and noisy vibrations occurred at some point. Is it flying good as a glider ? Don't know, as I don't have enough experience in gliders. I'll be back in several months on this, after I will know more
Landing Glides forever, unless you use spoilerons. Did not stall so far
Crash Results  
Other comments Scorpio stopped the production of this plane. Cost of making too high.
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