Multiplex Skycat

Review 28-Feb-2003

Shachar Carmel

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AXI AC2820/10


4 x HS-81

Speed Controller

Jety advance 40-3p


8 cells


4 + motor

Flight Time

3 to 3.5 minutes


7.5x11 / 8x12

Gear Box







Empty weight


Max flying weight


Wing Area


Wing load


CG location
from wing edge




Not so fast but easy. One reason is because of the motor bay, which I suggest gluing with Epoxy to make it stronger and itís taking some time. Another reason is the fact that the manual is coming with some fixes and itís taking some time to switch between the original manual and the fixed one.

Its very nice and easy to work with the hot glue but you have to be fast.


donít built the rear wheel as suggested but try to do a little cut through the rudder and glue it inside to make it stronger and to keep the ability to control the SkyCat on the ground. You can even make it stronger by adding a little peace of wood. I also suggest adding carbon all along the bottom fuselage to make the tail stronger. And last thing you must add some scotch all around the canopy.


Very easy. With full power, you can hand launch the model or if you want you can do a real take off from the ground.

Flight behavior

First flight was horrible but after optimization it flies very nice and smooth and the rolls and loops are very easy to perform. The problems start when the battery becomes wick and the plane becomes a little heavy then itís very easy to loose control or to stall.


As I said itís very hard to fly the SkyCat when itís fling slow so its very important to land with the motor on to give it power and to shut it down only when itís hit mother earth.

Crash Results

The foam is very strong and itís not tearing into small pieces


Canít be repair in the field because you need the hot glue but when you have it itís very easy. I saw some very hard crushes but after repairing it, itís flies the same and maybe even better.

Other comments

I like the SkyCat very much but one of the things that I donít enjoy is the short flight time and the thought that when the battery is weak you can stall it very easily and crash.

Once, and just before I crashed it for the first time, I tried to fly it with 10 cells and it was amazing ( almost 3D ). You should try it.

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