Astra Spitfire


Review 20-Sep-2002 Patrick Plawner    
Motor 400 Servos 4 x HS81
Speed Controller 20 Amp Batteries 8 x CP1300
Channels 4 + motor Flight Time Not enough data
Propeller 10x7 Gear Box 3:1


Wingspan   length   weight  
Wing Area   Wing load   CG location
from wing edge


Building Was not the fastest ARF done to date. It requires quite some work, and precision. The user manual is well done and provide good directions. The plane to put the battery is well designed, but maybe weak with time (made of balsa).
Take-off Hand launch is very easily. Ground take off was a failure, each time, so far, due to the fact that the propeller would hit the ground, each time.
Flight behavior Seems a little underpowered, stock. Tip stall at the first occasion it has. Looks very good in the air. Due to the power setup, stunts are limited but possible.
Landing Easy but could tip stall at last minute, if speed not under control
Crash Results The foam is weak, and would get hurt easily.
Repairing Epozy, or even just tape.
Other comments Looks really nice, but flies not as good. Still, it is a plane to consider, for someone who really wants a spitfire. Landings require a smooth surface and some good skills.
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