Alpha Model Fock Wulf TA-183

Review 15-May-2004 Patrick Plawner Video Available Follow the link
Motor Speed 300 6V (or MPJ AC 25-25/26 brushless) with custom designed ducted fan Servos 2x W-084 Micro Servos
Speed Controller Jeti 12 Amp would be fine, used a Jeti 20 Amp Batteries 8xKAN950 or 1100
Channels 1 aileron servo, 1 elevator servo + motor Flight Time Don't know yet
Propeller ducted fan Gear Box none
Power consumption 8 cells -> 9.8 Amp, at full speed    


Wingspan 51"
80 cm
Length 41.5"
76 cm
Empty weight  oz
All Up Weight 19.4 oz
550 gr
Wing Area 535 sq.inch
14 dm
Wing load 13 oz/sq.ft
39 gr/dm
CG location
from wing edge
8 cm


Building Almost nothing to do. This is ALL ARF. Motor and ducted fan pre-installed and pre-wired, servos wires pre-installed, model painted. It comes in 5 blocks. The front fuselage, the rear one, 2 wings and the elevator. Just need to add the servos, install the electronic, glue the whole thing and you are done.

One minor issue is that when glued, and unless you use a glue that can be taken off, it would be difficult to take the plane apart, if needed later on

Take-off Piece of cake, just hand launch, and it flies away
Flight behavior Flying was good but certainly not amazing. The plane turns but the fact that the 2 ailerons are, by default, both up, certainly plays a role on why the plane does not turn well. Maybe reducing the amplitude would help ??
With the 300, it is slow, and makes an enormous noise. Like a very noisy vacuum cleaner. Forget about silent electric flight, this plane is noisier than many glow planes I've seen.

Landing The plane needs constant speed so landings do take some space. A big problem is that the foam used for this plane is very fragile so unless you protect it with some tape or use very nice grass, it will get hurt very quickly
Crash Results Crashed once, on tip stall due to CG placed just about what's recommended. Foam tail broke apart as well, in a clean segment
Repairing Easy to repair, with 5 minutes Epoxy. Just repairing the inside tube does require some attention at it is not easy to access.
Other comments Still, It does look very good in the air so if you care for something not too expensive, with ducted fan and fully ARF, it can be considered. If flown in the stock version, I would not recommend this plane.
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