Protech Tiger Moth

Review 21-May-2004 Patrick Plawner Video Available Video of test flight
Motor Ultrafly 30/29 Servos 4 x W-084 Micro Servos
Speed Controller Castle Creation 35 Batteries 8 x KAN 1050
Channels 5 Flight Time around 6 minutes +
Propeller 8x4 Gear Box 1.93
Power consumption up to 16-17A, at full speed    


Wingspan 35.4 "
90 cm
Length 28.7"
73 cm
Empty weight  oz
All up weight 30 oz
Wing Area 356 sq.inch
23 dm
Wing load 12.15 oz/sq.ft
37 gr/dm
CG location
from wing edge
3.5" from top wing edge
8.9 cm from top wing edge


Building I belong to the group of people who does not like to build. Just flying is fun. Said that, "building" this plane was a real pleasure. It comes ARF, but there are still few parts to work on, like the landing gear, or the motor holder, unless you use the standard 400 setup recommended. Everything fitted perfectly. All is included in the kit, in order to finish the building properly. Just some screws did not match, but apart from that, everything went smooth, and fun.
One recommendation, don't push too hard on the pieces that needs to get into the wing, or you may break the part itself. I did it and had to do some minor repair there (see pictures).

The plane was designed to install a 400 motor geared, on the ready firewall. Installing a different set, like I did required some little work.
The wires in the wings, are pre-installed, so just need to solder them to the servos.

See the user Manual ONLINE (PDF file)

Take-off With the motor setup I used, there was a serious torque effect, and it was therefore required to use the rudder, in order to take off. It actually added to the scale like behavior of this plane. The tail lifts off naturally then you just need to slightly pull, and you're off the ground
Flight behavior This is not a plane that will fly on its own. It needs attention, proper rudder compensation, at the right time. It flies good with a brushless motor, but need experience, as the plane would tip stall at the first time the pilot would not pay attention to the angle of attack or making a too sharp turn without enough airspeed.
Speaking of airspeed, the plane needs some good speed to stay stable. Not sure how good it behaves, due to this, if using a standard 400 geared motor.

Also note that the flying weight, given by the manufacturer is 690 gr, while I got 850 gr which is significantly higher.

Landing looks very scale. Keep the motor on, until touch down. Very easy on the ailerons, as at slow speed, Reactions are slower, then brutal.
The landing gear, if well build will be unbreakable. On the other hand, the pieces that keep it tied to the fuselage broke few times. Epoxying it should do a good job
Crash Results no crash so far... But balsa plane.
Repairing balsa
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