Trick 1000


Review 1-Feb-2004 Patrick Plawner Video Available Follow the link
Motor AXI 2814/12, 2820/10
Jeti 30/3, 15/4
Servos 4 x GWS naro Standard
Speed Controller Casttle Creations Phoenix 45 Batteries 8 cells FAUP type
Channels 4 + motor Flight Time 4 to 6 minutes
Propeller APC E - 11x5.5 with AXI motor Gear Box None



Castle Creations Phoenix 45

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Wingspan 39.4"
100 cm
Length 39.4"
100 cm
Empty weight 14.62 oz
410 gr
Max flying weight 40.39 oz
1145 gr
Wing Area 388 sq.inch
25 dm
Wing load 11.6 oz/sq.ft
35.2 gr/dm
CG location
from wing edge
9 cm




Model Motors AXI 2814/12 and 2820/10 from Hobby-Lobby - USA

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I got this plane already build, so I just reinforced areas I assumed would need. The AXI motor was chosen after talking with ModelMotors who explained that this plane was specifically designed, for this motor. As for the Speed controller selection, I saw few Castle Creations ESC BEC from my friends, used with so much success that I had to try one, for this special plane.

  • Added 2 carbon fiber sticks behind the motor. Where the battery can be pushed again. It also protects the motor, from the battery, in case of frontal shock
  • To maintain the CG as needed, the battery needs to be inserted way inside the canopy, close to the motor. Another action that would help would be to install the servos closer to the CG
  • Covered the control surfaces with strong tape, to reinforce them
  • Using a heavier motor would have the battery able to go more backward

Note:  The wing shape is incorrectly build, with the upper surface more or less flat as the bottom surface cambered.

Take-off Very fast. The plane takes speed, so just gently pull the stick, it will take off at some point. Pulling the stick to much, would have the plane climb the tree. A possibility is to have the radio in take-off mode, with elevator surface moving much less than in flight mode.
Using the AXI2820/10, you can even just let it go from your hand (see video).
Flight behavior If you have the same mode, for all phases of the flight, and make it E3D type, the plane will be VERY nervous. Best is too program Take-off, standard flight, E3D and landing modes. Exponential is also recommended.
I added mixing between the motor and the elevator. Mixing between ailerons and rudder is not good, in E3D mode, but in sport mode only, you may like it
The plane stalls, and tip stall if you push it, but it is easy to avoid and certainly take back in control, if it happens.

Due to the wrong wing shape, the plane does not behave as good as a plane of this type should. On the other hand, inverted flight is much easier :)

All tests were done on 8 cells. 10 cells will definitively have this plane hover. There is a chance that the 8 cells with JETI 30/3 will as well. 

Any comment on its E3D capabilities ? Since I was not able to pass the 1:1 barrier yet, this should be covered later.

Motor comparison setups on the Trick 1000

Motor Prop Ratio Thrust/Weight
(By MotoCalc)
AXI 2814/12  11x5.5 0.83 provides a sport model, not E3D, but sport aerobatic one. The advantage is to keep the weight low, while having a powerful plane. See video of the first flight
AXI 2820/10 13x6.5 1:16 30 Amp. Provides an excellent sport model. See video of the flight. Does not hover, but very powerful.
Jeti 30/3 12x6 1.18 Test to be done end of March 2004
Jeti 15/4 10x5 0.98 Test to be done end of March 2004


Landing Pretty easy, as the plane can handle low speed. Did not try to add flaps for now, as it was not needed.
Crash Results EPP. The plane won't break easily but the prop will, as well as the motor. The battery pack, if well placed and protected, will be fine, but the EPP around the battery may be hurt on a crash. Gluing it back should be the easiest. ESC BEC and receivers are in the back so they should be just fine, whatever happens.
Repairing EPP, so Epoxy 5 minutes + carbon fiber if needed
Other comments
  • Replacing the battery pack is a MAJOR PAIN. You have to remove the wing, each time. The wing is hold by a screw. If you like to come to the field, and just fly, this is not a good plane, as each time, you have to waste minutes to replace the battery.
  • Carrying the plane is very convenient. With one hand, it can be done. It is also pretty strong, so damages during transport should be minimum. 
  • The only part which is weak, is the elevator and rudder part. These are really weak, and replacing them would not be too easy as they are glued with the canopy.
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