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Written by: Henke. Owner are Peter, Stefan and Donald.

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Twinjet doing waterski Video

Twinjet Configuration

  • 2x B40 16S

  • 1x Magic 60

  • 10xRC1600

  • CAM 5,5x4,3

  • servos for rudders 2xHS55

The Story of this Twinjet and how it ended up on the water

These guys wanted something fast! I flew a TJ equipped with B40 18S at a big E-meeting, the summer 2000, and it was a big hit! Still they talk about the low passes and amazing speed, so I recommended that setup to Peter and he said hm that speed at only 35A?! Then what happens at 60A!! Said and done, 6 of the hotter B40 16S and 3 Magic 60A ESCs were ordered together with 3 blue sharks.  The TJs were assembled, and setup for test flights.

Then Murphy’s law struck, only 1 of the three setups run!!?!  The motor runs perfect one and one, but not together… we measured 500rpm difference between them, and mailed to Hacker for a solution. that was a month ago and still no answer.

Peters setup run smooth as silk, and was test flown, with 8 cells. I flew so fast that Peter forgot to test the rudders! Loops as big as you wanted and extremely fast rolls! Due to bad weather we haven’t made any more test runs.

With 10 cells we got more thrust than weight, and as soon as it stops snowing we’ll test it and try for 200km/h!

TwinJet on water.

Stefan and I talked about driving behind the TJ with a car to see how fast it was. Due to hydraulic problems Stefan didn’t put his boat in the water until the middle of the summer, as I helped him to get only the boat into the water with out getting a WV turbo on the bottom of the lake, the thought struck me! Why not fly above water… we got as much space as we want, and no speed limits!

We went home for the TJ, and camcorder, put some fuel in the boat  and fired the 175hp V6 up. this boat is capable of 53 knots! quite enough for a SP480 TJ :)

Stefan open the throttle and of we go! he slowly accelerated until I felt the TJ got air under its wings, I power it up and let go!! I flew just beside the boat! Stefan videotaped and steered towards the middle of the lake. I was no problem to fly in formation with the boat, although the throws were set at max. we only had to pick it out of the water once that first series of flights. Landing wasn’t that hard either, about 30 knots speed and I steered the TJ in over the boat, lowered down and landed in my lap!

That week we made jokes about loop around a near by bridge and all the Ezoners just happened to wonder if the TJ could skip on the water…  aaah, more fuel went in to the boat and the TJ lifted of again! first we tried skipping on the water, and that went very well, the TJ was rock solid then flying on the ground effect at 10 cm height, almost hard to get it to touch the water….

Ok it skips, now we set course for the bridge!  I anyone wonder why I got a little nervous the first time, I can tell that the bridge is about 2ft higher than the boat and I didn’t want to hit my head in it traveling at 50 knots :P

But we did it! Third try went without any problems! This was fun! You should try it! Fly at the beach skipping on the water!  I even think ROW is possible if motors are mounted on top of the nacelles.