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Written by: Peter Oxley, Callsign JediMaster

Twinjet Configuration (TJ5, the Ultimate Twinjet)

  • Kontronic twin drive brushless motors (400 23) 
  • Smile Bec speed controller
  • Graupner CAM Prop 5.5 x 4.3
  • Batteries: 10xCP1700 cell packs plus 8x3000 Panasonic sub C set

Modifications and History

TJ2 is sprayed in the Maclaren Mercedes F1 team colors, and powered by Permax 480. It appeared in RC Model World mag in the spring. 
TJ4 (Blue Shark) is also Permax 480 powered.

Rounded -off elevons, servo and control rod under wing protector pods, one-piece canopy, velcro battery retention system, dual conversion receiver, and bright dayglo orientation markings. It goes like stink! It's the 2nd fastest plane in my club...I also own the fastest ! (A Magnum IC with tuned pipe !).

One - piece canopy.
Velcro straps (& unseen pad) for battery retention.
Chamfered-off elevon tips (note shape !)
Under wing servo-arm protection pods.
High - visibility dayglo red under wing trim for orientation.
High - visibility dayglo red trim on upper leading edges and tail leading edges for high-speed turn orientation.
All body joins, leading & surface edges are covered in Diamond tape for perfect aerodynamic airflow.
GWS 8 channel dual conversion receiver.
It flies (& glides) like a dream...or maybe a nightmare for my club mates !

If you land on rougher grass or overshoot the strip a bit and land in the rough, those servo arms & rods get ripped off like they are made of candy ! The rounded elevons also help to avoid snagging in long grass, which can lead to the plane cart wheeling or spinning.
It happened twice, and you have to have the pods over shrouding the control rod length which isn't quite straight on to the airflow...but don't worry, they are very slippery indeed.