tj_10x1700_battery_location tj_10x1700_nimh tj_s480_reverse_with_5.5x4
tj_underside twinjet  

Written by: Jim Blanchfield

Twinjet Configuration

  • Motors are reverse timed Graupner 480s with 5.5x4.3 CAM props.  Lots of flights, no problems.
  • Battery Pack is 10x1700 Sanyo NIMH AAU
  • Static Amps are 27.
  • ESC is a Castle Creations Griffin 40 with BEC
  • Servos are HS 81
  • Receiver is a HiTech 555
  • Control throws are per kit instructions
  • I'm using a Flash 5 Transmitter and have set it up so the spoiler switch can be used to drop the elevons to reduce the plane's climbing tendency after I launch.


The TJ is something of a "sleeper". I had stopped flying mine (S400s on 7x1250 SCRs) because I had moved on to a plane with more speed and vertical performance. However, after upgrading the motors and batteries in the TJ out of curiosity, and as a last step before selling it, I was stunned at the performance this plane now provides! Climb, speed, and endurance all took a giant step! And, the plane is rock-solid with its new power. Performance to match its jet fighter looks. Very Cool! Now thinking about brushless.


Paint was applied over the bare foam after wiping it down with acetone to remove any mold release agents. I noticed the mold release problem when I found the hinge tape wouldn't stick to the foam. The base paint is Tamiya water based acrylic flat white. I sprayed a coat of white over the blue foam. The result was white with a noticeable blue tint. I decided it looked OK. No need for more paint. The dark blue was added with a paint brush and is also Tamiya flat acryllic. The green area of the canopy is also a Tamiya paint, but I added 2 coats of clear gloss to get some sheen. The bottom design kind of resembles what the USAF Thunderbirds have on their undersides. I wanted something to help distinguish top from bottom, but without additional colors.