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Written by: Malcom Garby, Callsign Kushal_22

Twinjet Configuration

  • Dual ESC one MGM TMM 40-3ph and one Jeti 40AMP esc
  • HS-81 servos
  • Two Mega 16/15/3 motors
  • 2 Vario 5.6 Props I  would put in Pitch but they are adjustable I  do have a 4.3 pitch on them right now.
  • RX  is the Hitec 555.


One of the modifications I like is that I put my RX wire under the wooden spar that runs down the center of the fuse. It make it a Bitch to get out but the clean look I get is worth it to me (No place for the wire to get snagged either). I also had to put some  coloring on the leading edges of the wings. If you do not it is hard to see just what the plane is doing (right side up upside down etc)  I have also put some ventilation in for Batteries and ESC cooling. Some People put servo protectors under the wing I myself find the TJ`s wings sit high enough off the ground to not worry about it. That's all the modifications I have done for now