Multiplex Twin-Jet Review

Written by: Nick Furmage (

Twinjet Configuration

The Twinjet in Black and white and dayglo Fins with Kiwi roundels is powered with standard Permax motors and flown on either 7 X 1700SCR or CP2400's although am going to 8 x 1950 NMIH for that extra punch.


As this is my first plane of this type for a few years due me Rehab for Spinal surgery I plan on flying this machine a lot to get back my flying skills.  I found it very forgiving in it's flight envelope and other than me getting behind it on the second flight I will admit the cooling holes I did in the wing route added to the breakage and will be using a different arrangement in the next one I like the way Ian's done his cooling ducts so will go down that road rather than weaking the the root area.

Ian's one Splinter Cameo is also done the same way it has well over 200 hundred flights on it and a few prangs as well but all repaired no problems.
He has run stock 400's and also 480's and the latest was a pair of Irvines 400 cobalts and either 8 or 10 cells. the amazing thing about the machines is their Colbalt went down the morning we were going to fly so ten minutes later back to the stock motors we were of try that on another plane then.
Ian has also done a bit to fair in the cable runs and also covered the bottom of the motors to stream line her a bit also fairing in the fins the same way.

Ian Lewis Web site: where you can find many items for electric flight.


The finish was done by using Red Devil light weight filler over the whole service of the aircraft and sanded back as the filler is very sandable and is quickly sanded down. this fills the large gaps left by the Elapor process.  Once this done you can then pain it what ever you like I used the Plasticote system of paints.

I'm gonna make a slight change to the paint scheme by adding a dayglo orange nose as the fins really stick out so will make orientation easier.