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Written by: Roy Lilly, call sign Royal

Twinjet Configuration

2 - Hacker B20-12l + 4:1 gearboxes
2-  Hacker Master 30 brushless controllers
2-  APC 7x6 Balanced Props
10 cell Sanyo RC2400 Flt Pack
Hitec 555 receiver and Hitech HS-18 Servos,

**Lots of power, vertical flight  first 4mins of a fresh pack, the Hacker B20-12l w/gearboxes makes this system very efficient, closed to 89%, run times are 9-11 mins.



1-Lightly coat all surfaces of the Evapolar foam with Lite Spackling makings sure to get material in all open voids in the foam.

2-Sand smooth and wipe down with tack rag to remove all loose particles

3-Spray or Brush one coat of Min wax Poly acrylic water base urethane.

4-Sand smooth with Very Fine Sand paper and wipe with tack rag.

5-If using a kit with dark green or blue foam, spray one coat of Latex based Interior white paint, if using the White Eagle kit skip this step.

6-Using white Zagi tape cover top surface of wing and elevon area and smooth all air bubbles with flat smoothing tool, *note: be careful here when positioning the tape, you get one chance since pulling the tape back up will also pull off the paint* use a 1/8" overlap and run the tape lengthwise nose to tail.

7- Mask off the wing and Paint the Fins using Tamyia Acrylic based paint ( I used Bright Red)

8- Paint lower surface of Wing with Acrylic Flat black.

9- Stripes and accents were painted with Tamyia brush on paint, Decals were obtained from

10-Decals were from a left over Decal sheet I had for the Kyosho F-16, you can purchase the compete decal set from tower hobby http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXPW99&P=7
or use any Airforce type decals from your LHS