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SanteePat Another good looking great flying MonoJet

Nick Furmage Pictures, Review and Painting

Jurgen Heilig Pictures, Review and Customization  
Article written by Jurgen and Published in EFI issue 1/2002 (EFI is now Q&EFI)

Jim Blanchfield Pictures, Configuration and Painting  

Matt Halton Pictures

Malcom Garby
Pictures and Customization
Roy Lilly
Pictures and Painting explanations
Fernando Pictures 
Nicest looking Twinjet to date

Henrik Torphammar
Picture and Videos
The Worldwide absolute BEST Twinjet Videos to date ! with Rudder customization 

Bill Glover Picture, Review and Customization
Very complete Review on the Twinjet with lot's of good tips !!

Peter Oxley
Pictures and Customization
Lot's of pictures, from TJ2 to TJ5
Bernard Chevalier Pictures, Review Customization and Videos
Twinjet Review (Reference Review on Twinjet and recommended Customizations)

Jean-Louis Naudin Pictures

Oded Mazor Twinjet with ONE Motor. Much more powerful than with 2  

Patrick Plawner Picture, Review, Customization and Videos