Aeronaut TwinSpeedy
Ex-Ikarus TurnOn

Review 15-Aug-2003 Patrick Plawner Video Available Follow the link
Motor 2 x 400 direct Reversed timed Servos 4 x HS55
Speed Controller Great Planes C-30 Batteries 6 to 8 cells - 2000 NiMh
Channels 4 + motor Flight Time 10 minutes+  with 8xFAUP
Propeller Gunther props Gear Box None


Wingspan 47.64"
121 cm
Length 37.40"
95 cm
Empty weight  10.58 oz
300 gr
Max flying weight 28.22 oz
800 gr
Wing Area 263.50 sq.inch
17 dm
Wing load 15.40 oz/sq.ft
47 gr/dm
CG location
from wing edge
2.95" For Turn On (Wing Spar for TwinSpeedy)
7.5 cm for Turn On



Extremely easy. Manual was in German for the TurnOn, but the TwinSpeedy comes with the user manual in English above.
Can be build between 3 to 8 hours, depending on skills and how concentrated you are
All parts fit very well and it is very difficult to do any mistake.

Few building tips:

  1. Reinforce the tail with tape (see picture)
  2. Add some tape, below the plane, to protect the foam, on landings
  3. Add some carbon fiber tape, below the motor, and then attached to the wing. 
  4. Read this page, on the thread, with specific pictures and explanations on how to re-enforce the plane
Take-off No event. Maybe some up elevator on the first flight, and if there is no wind, but the plane takes off in a snap
Flight behavior Very responsive and precise. The 2 motors develop a lot of energy, for the weight of the plane and the thin wing enables it to fly with authority. The plane is just waiting to engage any stunt. Full speed vertical, full gas (I mean full power...) and sharp pull on the stick and the plane just seems to say "Thanks, that's what I like". It goes fast, really fast. No tip stall noticed (See video for stall tests).

Note: Climbed to approximately 70 m (220 feet), then motor full speed, dive vertical, all the way to about 20 meter (60 feet) and push as sharp as possible.
And.... We heard a "POK", I immediately cut the motors, and took the plane back to where we were, motor off, for a nice landing, looking at 2 motors, laying down below the wing, with some foam attached to them, and just hold by the wires...
Landing was perfectly fine, and the plane is already repaired. You can't notice almost a thing. This is why the carbon fiber tape below the motor could help but still, this was really an extreme maneuver for any plane to do, and I would not recommend it. At least, cut the motor, when diving...

Landing This plane has a tendency to glide forever. Again, a pleasure to do. Easy and smooth
Crash Results This is a foam plane. The foam is from the fragile side, but Epoxy does magics for theses
Repairing Should be very easy
Other comments For around $80, this is one of the most unbelievable plane around. Highly recommended for whoever is looking for a sport plane, not expensive, that can go fast and slow, according to the mood. It can also be used for slope soaring, certainly with great success. The 400 motors deliver more than enough and enable the cost to remain low. In general, the "price invested" divided by the "Pleasure of flying" is INCREDIBLY low. Try it, it may become your favorite plane...

We have much experience with the FVK Bandit & the Multiplex twinjet (brushless). the best description for the Twinspeedy is "Bandit meet twinjet". it may not be as fast as the Bandit but it does have some similar flying characteristics, but this time you are not afraid of crashing 350$ worth of equipment...

Note: This plane used to be made by IKARUS, and was then called, TurnOn. It is not produced by Ikarus anymore and they are just selling the left overs. The Aero-naut, TwinSpeedy is the new model. The outside looks and is exactly the same. The parts inside are different and the TwinSpeedy seems better made and that Aero-naut learned the lesson made on the TurnOn, with reenforced cockpit, and added carbon fiber tubes in the fuselage.

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