TwinStar II by Dieter Wadle


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There is a thread about my "Aqua Star" in a german Forum. Heres the Link:
I don't know, weather you can see the pics, when you are not registered and I don't know weather you can read German!?

Therefore some details and pics here:
I first thought, it would be sufficient to cut off the back bottom in order to receive a step and shape the nose like a ship. The flat bottom is a thin EPP-sheet with the skin (the outer part of the epp-block). This is already waterproof. For getting the small sluts and holes waterproof, I used acrylic paste (like silicone, but you can paint it).

But this Design didn't work. There was a big wave at the planes front and the water was thrown into the props. So I built a new nose. You can see it on the pics. For the maiden flight I covered the foam with clear tape to get it smooth and waterproof. Last weekend I took off the tape and covered the foam with epoxy. Now it has to be sanded and brushed. I hope it is finished end of this month.

The whole maiden flight you see in the video only took 365 mAh out of the battery. The 400ers have plenty of power, its possible to start with only 50...70% throttle. At my second test on the water (sorry, no video for I were alone) I had 23 take-offs and landings with the 2000 mAh-battery!