TwinStar II by Andrea Orciuolo


This is my new TW2, in the TRANSMALDIVIAN AIRLINE colours.

The TMA flies around the Maldivian atolls with 15 de-Havilland twin otter, airplanes that could resemble the twinstar. (I went to the Maldives the last January and I took a twin otter to reach my resort...wonderful flight...wonderful panorama from about 350-500 meters high)
I painted it with UNIPOSCA felt tip colors and also printed the decals with my hp printer on plain white paper.
My TW2 has the standard set-up, with a jeti 40 lipo-nimh and a pack of 3s1p 2500 mah lipo or a 9.6 nimh sanyo 3600.
it flies really well and all people at the field were really surprised 'cause they (still) fly on IC engines...
if someone is interested can contact me at this email (