TwinStar II by Andrew Stoakes



From Andrew's Web page

It may be a little modified. No Speed 400 motors here and no 4" props or heavy NiCad battery either.
2 X Hyperion Z2213-20 Brushless motors
2 X 20Amp Speed controllers
2 X2450Mha LoPol 3 Cell batteries
Swinging 2 X APC 9 X 6E props

More vertical than  you will ever need (He He)

The battery cover is held on with Velcro as on its maiden flight, we may have had a little accident. It appears that the little clips that come with the plane are not made to with stand the wind or Gs in this modified state.

New Paint may be Ugly but at high speed and a long way away I DON'T CARE WHAT IT Looks LIKE! as long as i can see it.
Done...That's all I am doing to do to this plane new Paint job and landing gear.....