TwinStar II by Jonathan Orbie

With this brushless-setup, my Twin Star II has a very nice fly-behavior and excellent performances: he's very maneuverable and its top speed in dive flight obtains 130 km/u, measured with GPS!
Receiver:     micro-receiver Graupner, XP10 fm 35S
Motors:       2 x Dymond BL 200 Brushless Motor
Controller :  2 x Air Power Brushless 25 T2M
Propellers :  2 x Master Airscrew 7x7
Batteries :   8 cells Sanyo 3600 mAh Ni-MH, good for more than 15 minutes of flight
Servos :      4 x HiTec HS-81 MG (first I bought HS-81 servos, but they broke fast, it's better to buy immediately
                 HS-81 Metal Gear servos, they're a bit more expensive, but they won't brake because of its quality).

For the paintjob I used 'Eramel Paint' of Revell.

An aerial-video of my Twin Star II