TwinStar II by Mike Stevens


Set up standard at present and use 8 cell 3300 Nimh.

This was my first venture into RC apart from a Chris Foss Slope soarer 20+ years ago. It was suggested to me as a suitable trainer after I joined a local club. A club mate has flown it and likes it very much and I flew it on my first attempt for about 10 mins though the ESC kept cutting out possible overheating but UK rep said was a know fault and I have since obtained a modified ESC as well as a replacement standart part. The model is stock and I intend to fly on 8 sub C cells 3300mah and once I have mastered the flying may consider upgrade to brushless ( I have a lovely little Hyperion BL on my Alleycat which is supposed to be a straight swop for the speed 400's in terms of power)
The model was built with thin foam cyno - no kicker and I inverted the connector on the rudder and shortened the allen key to fit. Sprayed with autot paints from UK chainstore. I can't remember what it weighs off hand but is within standard spec.
Since then, apart from the Alleycat I ahve built three scale bipes from WW1 vintage all using 400/480 speed motors with gearboxes.