Vermont Belle 1300

Review 9-Jan-2003 Patrick Plawner Video Available Follow the link
Motor Jeti 30/3 Brushless Servos 4 x HS-81
Speed Controller NES 40 Amp Batteries 8 cells from CP1700 to 8 cell NiMH 3000-HV
Channels 4 + motor Flight Time 4 to 9 minutes
Propeller APC E - 12x8 Gear Box None


Wingspan 51"
129.5 cm
Length 41.5"
105 cm
Empty weight 17.11 oz
485 gr
Max flying weight 48.47 oz
1374 gr
Wing Area 535 sq.inch
34.5 dm
Wing load 13 oz/sq.ft
39.8 gr/dm
CG location
from wing edge
8 cm


Building ARF, but someone with average level of experience will need about 5-10 hours of work to build it. It took me about 8 hours. The Box comes with all the parts needed to build the plane, except the electronics. The quality of the kit seems ok. To compare to the JR Diablotin Mini, the Vermont kit quality is below, as well as the way the plane is build. On the other side, the plane is very light.
Only the battery compartment needs to be build, and this is not too easy, but everyone will find it's way.
Take-off Very easy. Just turn on the motor, full speed. Will take-off in 1 or 2 meters (3 or 6 feet)
Flight behavior Absolutely no bad behavior found. Stalling is just having the plane drop his nose and go on. No tip stall. Just I could not find anything wrong until now.
Landing They are easy, slow, smooth. I used the Flaperon to see if it would help and it did, but they are not needed in most cases, as the plane can slow down enough. Using flaperons just reduced even more the stall speed, to land even slower
Crash Results ... Knock on wood (or balsa...)
Repairing Balsa plane
Other comments Looks as good as it flies. The Jeti 30/3 Motor is VERY silent, in this plane. Could almost not hear it. the 34 Amp used by the Jeti empties the batteries quiet fast, but you can fly at half throttle without any problem, if you like just an easy flight between stunt maneuvers. Also, using a 3000 NiMH is no problem and enhance the flying time significantly.
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