Review 6-Jul-2002 Patrick Plawner Video Wingo Videos
Motor 400 Servos 2 x HS-55
Speed Controller Jeti 10 Amp Batteries 7 Cells - 600 mAmp (134gr)
Channels 2 + motor Flight Time 5 mn if not always full speed, 2-3 mn if full speed
Propeller Gunther 5.5x4.5 Gear Box 2.33:1 Gear with 8x6 recommended from hobby-lobby


Wingspan 43.3"
110 cm
length 35.4"
90 cm
weight 19.4 oz (flying)
550 g
Wing Area 403 in2
Wing load   CG location
from wing edge
front edge of the hole


Building Easy, all foam. Takes about 4 hours, for someone slow, if first plane. Manual very clear. Glue to rubber on the wheels, before first flight. If not, it will go out of the wheels quickly. Put some tape on the wings, to strengthen them, in an X shape on each wing. Add a small piece of wood, to put below the wire, that holds the wheels, in order to make it stronger.
Take-off Hand launch very easy. Standing, just throw it, even with no wind. Can take off as well from the ground, but don't do it until you feel experienced enough (minimum 10 hours of flight)
Flight behavior No Tricks. Easy to fly. Can do loops, when forced to, but really not build for this. No inverted flight.

IMPORTANT: Too much speed on the Wingo may result in loosing control of the elevator. The Wingo might then start a straight line to the ground. The only way to exit from this situation, is to cut the motor immediately, and pull gently on the elevator, hoping it will react.

Landing If good wind, can even land vertically. In any case, very easy to land, with wheels
Crash results The wing will go first, and the foam is not the strongest so many parts could break apart. The nose could also break.
Repairing Foam, almost unlimited repairs of the plane, available. Spare parts available (not the wings). Epoxy to repair. Cyano will eat the foam.
Other comments Recommended first plane, for beginners as everything is easy. The box supplied is especially build as a stand for the wingo, for repairs, or for traveling (special belts given in the box to attach the Wingo to this stand, for easy travels).
The wingo can also be used for taking aerial photos.
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