Zagi 400

Review 9-Nov-2002 Patrick Plawner Video Videos available
Motor 400 Servos 2 x HS81
Speed Controller 15 Amp Batteries up to 8 x KR-1700AE
Channels 2 + Motor Flight Time 4-7 mn
Propeller Gunther 5.5x4.5 Gear Box No


Wingspan   length   weight  
Wing Area   Wing load   CG location
from wing edge


Building I got it build, so... I would call it easy
Take-off Weird to do, but usually fine. You grab it by the nose, and throw it from your front to your back, pulling up, while turning.
Flight behavior - Can do loops, inverted, rolls, Most of everything simple 
- Fairly Easy to fly as 2nd plane or 1st if you are really good 
Landing Easy, is used as soar plane
Crash Results So far, impossible to break. Full speed, vertical from 20 meters (60 feet), direct impact on the nose, and apart from the fact that the battery disengaged itself on the crash, nothing, Plane is intact.
Repairing This plane doesn't know what this means. Maybe some glue on the plastics on the edges of the plane ?
Other comments - Impossible to break 
- Can be used without the motor, soaring 
- Special look
- Makes some noise
- Quite big wingspan, not always easy to carry 
- Take off movement is not the most natural human move you can think off.
- Test with Brushless zagi
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