Test with Brushless motor installed on Zagi

  • Motor: Kontronik 400-23

  • Prop: CAM Prop 5.5x4.3

  • Battery: 1.700 Amp Nimh, 800, 1100 and 1700 NiCd, all with 8 cells

  • Esc: Kontronik SMILE 30-6-12 BEC

  • Servos: HS81

  • Receiver: Hitec 555

The first 3 flights were very short:

  1. I throw it myself, and for some reasons, it does not really stall but rapidely goes immediately down
  2. Friend is throwing it for me, the motor must be too heavy ?? I did not throw it well ? Same results, just 1 or 2 meters more, before crashing again.
  3. Almost 3rd flight and the same friend asks me,"feels like the propeller is stopping it" ?

Well, well........ Guess what.... I mounted the wires as a puller and the motor was full speed, pulling the zagi backward......
So the test has been made, zagis don't like to go backwards....

Switched the 2 cables, and zagi was on his way to the sky. That was a real different plane. Very nice, nothing vertical but strong, in the air and definitively nice.

The difference with a Permax 450Turbo motor and 8 cells ? There is a difference, not huge which maybe says it is not worth the money for the brushless motor. But the 450T I got tend to die after some numbers of flights + you can always use a brushless, for other planes, anyway.

Amp consumption with this configuration, full speed: 19 Amp